The Game-Changing Amazon Find I Use Every Day to Make WFH So Much Comfier

published Jun 10, 2022
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While I’ve been working from home for more than two and a half years, I stubbornly avoided upgrading my office space until this spring. I like to shift where I work throughout the day (even when I am in the office, I don’t enjoy sitting in one spot for eight hours), so I knew that I wasn’t done refreshing my desk after purchasing a laptop stand and new keyboard. I have a comfy three-seater sofa that I like to sink into and write my posts from, but it still didn’t feel quite right. While this is probably not the best decision for my posture, I prefer it over any other spot (I’m currently writing this article from my couch). However, a few months ago, I realized my throw pillows weren’t cutting it as lap desks, so I went on Amazon in search of a new mobile workstation.

I stumbled upon the LapGear Home Office Lap Desk, which had the most reviews out of any other lap desk I found on Amazon. I liked that it had a dual-bolster cushion, meaning that the desk doesn’t cover your entire lap, ensuring you don’t overheat. Another key feature for me is the black plastic guard at the front of the lap desk that keeps the lap desk from sliding down while typing. Boasting more than 38,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating, I decided to give it a try.

I ordered the White Marble, but it also comes in five other colors: Black Carbon, Blush Pink, Espresso Woodgrain, Oak Woodgrain, and Silver Carbon. I immediately put the lap desk to use. My laptop is only 13″, so I have several inches of room around the sides and back of the laptop, and the specs say it can fit an up to 15″ laptop. The plastic top of the desk is not slick, which was something I was concerned about — my laptop stays in the spot that I put it in. If I want to shift it, I have to physically push it with my hand. The little plastic bar keeps my laptop from sliding into my lap when my lap desk is at an angle.

It also boasts some cool features, including a little holder for your phone. I wasn’t particularly impressed by this add-on when I bought it, but it’s an easy way to keep my phone within my eyesight without having to reach over and check notifications. The lap desk also has a spacious, built-in mouse pad that I use when I occasionally need a break from my track pad.

Overall, the lap desk has made my WFH days so much more comfortable. I can stretch out my legs across the coffee table or curl up and have the lap desk easily balance on my right thigh. And if you have a couch, you can put the desk on the left or right arm and use it a makeshift tray table — freeing up your lap. I’ve used this on the warmest days of the year and don’t feel overheated — it protects me from the heat emanating from my computer and doesn’t absorb the heat from my body. I’ve never sweated on this lap desk, which I feel like is enough reason to buy it alone.

At just under $40, it’s honestly worth the investment. I use it 5-6 days a week and it seems virtually indestructible (my roommate’s cat has tried to get her claws into the track pad and enjoys sitting on the lap desk to try to convince me to take a break to play or pet her).