9 Laundry Rooms as Beautiful as They are Efficient

updated May 3, 2019
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(Image credit: Yellow Brick Home)

Laundry rooms have the tendency to become one of those rooms that we just forget about when it comes to remodeling or redecorating. After a while your mind just stops registering that it’s a space that still rocks ’80s linoleum flooring and dingy white paint, and you get accustomed to closing the door and practicing “out of sight, out of mind.”

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But when you have a beautifully decorated laundry room, the space quickly becomes an area you don’t mind being in. And when you’re doing loads multiple times a week, that’s important! Ahead is a roundup of laundry rooms that don’t suck, proving that with a little bit of planning and clever DIYing, even the most grim of nooks can transform into pleasant spaces.

1. Statement Floor Stickers

When Jessica Quirk of Stars + Field started off with her laundry room, it featured indoor vinyl siding and too much brown to handle. Needing a refresh, stat, she got to renovating and created a light, airy space with thrifted accents that created a bohemian clothes-washing nook. The vinyl siding was replaced by wood panels, and the dingy floor was upgraded using beautiful Mediterranean decal stickers. That’s right, that’s not real tile! Overall this small remodel job cost around $600, which proves you don’t have to spend a ton of money to create a beautiful room.

2. Whimsical Wallpaper

(Image credit: Yellow Brick Home)

Introducing the cutest laundry room known to mankind. Kim and Scott of Yellow Brick Home created a laundry space by walling off a section of their bedroom, and managed to make the clothes-folding spot as chic as the rest of their house. Featuring a stacked washer and dryer, glossy white cabinets with gold hardware, and adorable ostrich wallpaper, one almost wouldn’t mind doing the chore when in a space as charming as this.

3. Sleek Subway Tiles

Mandi completely transformed her drab, linoleum covered laundry room into a modern and quirky chore room. She replaced the brown linoleum floor with a black penny tile with matching black grouting, and then contrasted the dark floor with white subway tiles. To bring the room together, she created a wooden case to store her washer and dryer in, which not only made them feel like more of a unit, but also created an extra surface on which to fold or iron. Then small accents like wicker baskets and house plants acted as finishing touches.

4. Warm Wood Case

Another great example of the transformative power of a wooden enclosure, the warm-toned wooden case hugs the two appliances together and elevates the simple laundry room. That and you can now use that extra counter space to decorate a little, adding a potted plant or accent vase to liven up the space.

5. White Done Right

Don’t underestimate the power of shiplap. It’s cost effective and easy to install, and can bring a breezy and beachy feel to an all-white laundry room.

6. Bold Blue

Don’t be afraid of bold color when redoing your laundry room. This particular basement uses a rich navy hue on its cabinets and dressers, but it doesn’t feel dreary or dark thanks to the crisp white walls and leafy greens that balance it out.

7. Farmhouse Chic

If you gravitate towards a farmhouse style, then this laundry room is going to make your heart do somersaults. The definition of shabby chic, this charming room uses wooden paneling painted white, followed by a penny tiled floor, and white granite countertops. Finally, details like the hanging scale and terra cotta planters tie the room together.

8. Cheery Accent Wall

If you’re wondering how to bring a little more personality into your laundry room, try turning the wall into an accent. Pick a cheerful wallpaper and plaster on its look-at-me print.

9. Laundry Closet

Smaller apartments usually just have a closet—not a room—that houses their washing machines, but that doesn’t mean they have to be an eyesore. This laundry closet proves that with its whimsical wallpaper, uncluttered shelf, and tasteful folding basket, showing that even the smallest of laundry room nooks can transform into interior design feats.

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