This Budget-Friendly Trick Can Make a Bathroom Floor Look More Luxe

published Jun 5, 2023
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Small bathroom with tiled floors in Brooklyn apartment.
Credit: Erin Derby

When decorating your home, outfitting the bathroom can be challenging — especially if it’s on the smaller side. Tiled floors and countertops can make it feel cold and uninviting, and finding stylish ways to warm it up often comes down to textiles, particularly in a rental. To that end, one New York City renter came up with a unique way to style out a bathroom staple, and this one move added so much texture, warmth, and color to the space — and for less than $15, at that. 

Abhilasha Sinha shares a 750-square-foot, two-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn with her husband, Joe Otterson. In addition to singing professionally, Sinha is also an enthusiastic home cook and a very intentional decorator. “Decorating a home is as personal as the clothes you wear or the language you speak,” she says. “It’s about slowly filling your home with things that bring you comfort and joy.” 

With interior inspiration ranging from over-the-top maximalism and Scandi minimalism to the warm colors and block prints of Rajasthani folk, Sinha’s home is eclectic and highly personal. While the bathroom may be the smallest room in the home, Sinha left no corner untouched or unstyled by her vision. In fact, the bathroom has a fun, interesting touch with its bath-mat setup. Instead of using just one rug, Sinha has layered two for extra visual impact and coziness underfoot. 

Credit: Erin Derby

“Anything, to me, can be used to make your home beautiful and warm,” Sinha says, and rugs always do just that — so why not double up in the bathroom, like many designers do in living rooms and bedrooms? Here, Sinha used a small white rug she already owned to fill most of the floor space in front of the tub, then layered a smaller green rug from Amazon on top of it. Each rug has a different texture, and the colors are high-contrast. So taken all together, now, this area has more charm and visual interest than it did before — not to mention more cushioning for when you’re just out of the bath or shower. 

“To me, above all, your home should be livable, comfortable, warm, and inviting,” says Sinha, and it’s the small, unique touches, like this rug layering, that can get you there. Play with different sizes and color combos in your bathroom to get a look like this, and don’t be afraid to experiment with various textures, too. These kinds of details can add a lot of personality — and a touch of luxury — to even the blandest of bathrooms without breaking the budget.