4 Reasons How We KNOW this Plant is Going to Be the New Fiddle Leaf Fig

updated May 3, 2019
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(Image credit: Freunde Von Freunden)

I know, I know. We too get sick of hearing that [insert anything here] is the new black. But I think we’ve truly found the perfect alternative to the ubiquitous fiddle leaf fig which — although admittedly lovely — is somewhat hard to take care of. If you are looking for a new plant hero to transform your interior, without demanding too much of your time, please allow me introduce you.

Here are four really good reasons to consider a rubber tree plant:

#4: You Can Put Baby In a Corner

(Image credit: Magic Dream Life)

This Scandinavian home from Magic Dream Life has a tons of plants, including a rubber plant in the living room, which gives life to an awkward space perfectly by curving gracefully away from the wall.

#3: They Show Up In Chic Spaces

(Image credit: Marie Claire Maison)

Like a certain other plant we know, rubber plants are a go-to for designers and taste makers, as all these examples attest. Marie Claire Maison featured this Farrow & Ball ad, which in turn used a rubber plant to illustrate one of its colors of the year.

#2: Each Has Its Own Unique Character

(Image credit: The Jungalow)

Either small or large, rubber trees all take on a life and shape of their own as they grow. Above, a variegated rubber plant from The New Bohemians by Justine Blakeney and Dabito, via The Jungalow.

#1: They’re Easier To Take Care Of

(Image credit: Weekday Carnival)

Rubber plants have an edge because they actually stay alive longer. Fiddle leaf figs are famously temperamental but these guys can thrive even with some neglect.

Can’t get behind the rubber tree? Here’s the plant another Apartment Therapy editor is betting will replace the fiddle leaf fig tree in your heart and home.

Re-edited from a post originally published 10.24.16.