I Can’t Sleep (or Travel) Without This Silk Eye Mask That Makes Me Feel Like I’m in a Luxury Hotel

published Aug 10, 2023
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I’ve always been a light sleeper. I’ve never understood those people who love to drift off to white noise. The sound of a blowing fan or churning air conditioner can keep me up for hours. The worst, however, is trying to nod off surrounded by unwanted light. 

Quick Overview

What Is the Lunya Washable Silk Sleep Mask, and Is It Worth the Splurge?

The Lunya Washable Silk Sleep Mask blocks out all light, is comfortable to wear throughout the night, and boasts a super-soft silk that is soothing to the eyes. It’s also machine-washable.

Blackout curtains are a must, but they don’t address the various glowing orbs floating in my bedroom from the TV, soundbar, and air purifier. I have to sleep with an eye mask every night to block it all out. 

I’ve tried dozens of eye masks over the years, from the simplest peanut-shaped cotton covers handed out for free on a nice airline to ultra-padded masks with full cups that provide my eyelashes plenty of space to bat in the night (I call these eye bras). But since the first night I pulled on the Lunya washable silk eye mask, I’ve never looked for a new eye covering. I bring this mask with me everywhere I go and simply can’t sleep without it. 

What’s So Great About the Lunya Eye Mask?

Lunya is known for its aesthetically pleasing minimalist sleepwear made with high-end fabrics. While I haven’t tried their pajama set or wrapped myself in one of their shimmery robes, if the clothing is anything like the eye mask, it makes you feel rich, pampered, and comfy enough to get a sound night of sleep — restlessness be darned. 

This eye mask has just the right amount of padding to blend into your pillow so you barely know it’s there. Unlike other more structured eye masks, Lunya’s is not so stiff that it leaves unsightly indents or red marks on your skin in the morning. The silk is highly breathable and the polyester filling doesn’t trap heat, so my eyes never feel sweaty or claustrophobic while sleeping.

The mask wraps all the way around your head, with a thick, soft band over your ears, which provides extra noise dampening if you’re sensitive to loud environments like me. It’s important to note that the band is not enough to really silence a busy street or loud neighbor, and I’ve definitely had to wear earplugs under the mask when staying in a noisy hotel room.

Probably my favorite feature of the Lunya eye mask, however, is the material. It’s a smooth matte silk that simply feels luxurious. It’s also machine-washable, which is a huge plus with an item you wear on your face every night. Many dermatologists and hair care experts recommend sleeping on a silk pillowcase to reduce frizz and improve your skin’s moisture and texture. With my Lunya, I can bring a bit of silk to my sleep routine anywhere I go. 

How I Use the Lunya Eye Mask

I’ve been wearing a Lunya eye mask every night for the past five years, and I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I’m now onto my third mask (that’s a risk of traveling with it). When I travel, I stash the mask in the handy silk carrying case it came with (which also doubles as a laundry bag), and always keep the mask in my carry-on suitcase.

I’ve masked up on planes, trains, and in cars, and it stays in place even when I’m being jostled around. I like the dark navy color for any extra light-blocking it might provide. If you’re looking for a high-quality, always comfortable, minimalist piece of headgear for a sounder night’s sleep, I highly recommend giving the Lunya eye mask a try. 

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