Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet: Join the January Cure and Get Organized

published Dec 22, 2015
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There is nothing like the start of a new year to kick yourself into gear and make changes that last. And no, I’m not talking about resolutions, which have a sneaky way of fading along with the holiday glow. I’m talking about taking just one month and investing some effort (21 do-able assignments in total throughout January) toward a cleaner, more organized and more peaceful home. If you are ready to get your place back in shape (and reap the rewards for the whole rest of 2016) the very best way is one manageable step at a time, during our once-a-year-only January Cure. By the end of the month, you’ll have a cleaner, fresher, more organized home, guaranteed!

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Sign up below to join the group and I’ll send you emails each weekday from January 1 through the 29th, giving you all the info you need to make meaningful changes to your home as you complete your assignments.

It’s a core Apartment Therapy belief that when your home is under control, good things will happen more easily throughout your life. You can make this a reality, and while the Cure takes some effort, we’ve gotten good at this. We’ll dole out the assignments, little by little, day by day, in manageable bits. And, it’s truly a group project. We’ll all be working together, helping each other out with tips, ideas and lots of moral support in each assignment’s comment thread, which makes a big difference.

The rewards from your Cure will last well beyond January; it’s a great way to celebrate the new year and make your home a place you’ll love all year long.

I hope you’ll join us!

Here’s what some of the 2015 January Cure participants had to say about their experience:

Wow — what a difference this month has made! – SteggyMom

The greatest thing is how energetic and inspired I feel. – Anne Helene

This Cure has been a nice kick in the pants for me. My house is a long way from perfect (thank you, person who glued wallpaper with no primer on the wall, then stapled it a zillion times for good measure, then nailed wood trim all over the edges so that removing it is practically a demolition project!), but it’s much more manageable now. It was a great push to finally purge a lot of extras, get those hard to reach places that I tend to neglect for a little too long, and then to make sure to keep it up all week even if I just spend a few minutes here and there. I no longer feel overwhelmed, so thank you! – KatinaM

I’m so proud of myself for sticking with it for a whole month! This past week I’ve really started to notice that even if I didn’t do much cleaning the day before, I still wake up to a relatively clean apartment. That’s magical!

I never used to make time for cleaning or decluttering and then when it came time to relax in my apartment, I hated it and would have to clean for an hour or two before being able to enjoy my free time. So I can safely say that this project did so much more than just declutter my apartment, it fully increased my level of happiness day-to-day. – Dayna @ The Kitchen Library

Ahhh finally, a Cure I actually completed! Our studio apartment looks so much better than it used to, so thank you AT and AT Community for the butt-kicking. It’s awesome that everyone came together to support each other and do some cheerleading! – honeyhuckabee

I still have a couple items left on my to do list, but I have accomplished so much this month and am excited to have a couple things to catch up on and work on over the next few months. – bexamazing

Sign up now and then relax and enjoy the rest of December, knowing that you are all set for a super energized, organized new year!