Martha Stewart Revealed She Uses a WFH Hack That Is So Relatable

published Oct 1, 2021
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Credit: Courtesy of Wayfair

The Duchess of DIY has done it again. Martha Stewart packed a one-two punch recently with an Instagram post showing off a common work-from-home hack, and it’s sending out all kinds of relatability vibes. The lifestyle expert posed while promoting a segment on CNBC for her latest consumer shopping experience, But Stewart’s post also reminded followers that she can do no wrong when it comes to making life at home a little easier.

Clad in an icy blue quilted puffer jacket, the makeover maven poses in a casual country-style room, possibly a dining room or an extension of the kitchen, which transforms into her workspace. In front of her, a rose-gold laptop is propped up on a makeshift tabletop she made out of a stack of thick, hardcover books. It’s the perfect solution to what can be a common work-from-home problem: slouching uncomfortably over a dinner table for hours while churning out assignments.

The extra height these books helps keep Stewart at eye level with the screen and likely does wonders for straightening out one’s posture during an eight hour workday. Convenience meets functionality. It’s a simple yet effective concept that Stewart executes well, proving that just about anyone can make do with what they have.

Got an old stack of magazines? Use them. Empty boxes that won’t fit in your closet? Stack them. And adding a personal touch of color makes this minimally muted scene a welcoming space to actually get things done. Even the experts say it’s okay to make your WFH space work for you, whether that means decorating your “office” or changing up your scenery.

Plenty of laptop stand options exist for your work-from-home situation, ranging from the dynamic multi-dimensional stands to those sleek and modern in design. Or, if you prefer a more budget-friendly option, any stackable items that provide stability, height, and comfort while you’re clocking in those hours can do the trick.