7 Sneaky Ways to Hide the Microwave in Your Kitchen

updated Nov 29, 2023
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a Scandi-inspired moody black and white kitchen
Credit: Rachel Manns

You finally have the kitchen of your dreams. Everything is the kitchen is organized so you can cook, clean, and entertain easily. The sink, cabinets, and appliances all flow seamlessly together —well, all the appliances but that ugly, blocky microwave. Not to worry; you don’t have to sacrifice either your dream of a perfectly coordinated kitchen or the convenience of quickly heating your cold coffee. Here’s how to hide your microwave to keep your kitchen looking its best.

Credit: Lula Poggi

1. Create an island of tranquility.

A sleek-looking kitchen does not lend itself to countertops cluttered with small appliances like microwaves. For those with the space, consider hiding them away on the backside of a kitchen island the way these California homeowners did.

2. Hide it above the range.

Even if you don’t have a built-in over-the-range microwave, you can still tuck your microwave into shelving above your stove like the owners of this Pennsylvania home. For best results, buy a unit the same color as your cabinets so it stands out less — and make sure to measure before you buy so the microwave doesn’t end up being too big for your space or too small to be useful.

Credit: Sylvie Li

3. Put it below deck.

When people enter a room, their eyes tend to observe things at eye level first. You can easily take advantage of that by putting less aesthetic items like your microwave under your countertop. If you really want the appliance out of sight and can’t hide it behind closed doors, try adding a towel rack so you can hang some dish towels up when company arrives, as seen (sans dish towels) in this couple’s Quebec home.

Credit: Rachel Manns

4. Blend it in with the cabinets.

It sounds counter intuitive, but if you have the budget, the best way to hide a microwave is to put it front and center by seamlessly incorporating it into a cabinet system of the same color. Don’t believe us? Just try to spot the microwave in the modern kitchen of this London home.

5. Stash it above the window.

Just as our eyes tend to look at objects at eye level before observing things above and below, they are also drawn to light. By hiding their microwave in the dark nook above the window, the couple living in this Buenos Aires home ensured it’s one of the last things people will notice about their kitchen.

6. Stick it over the fridge.

Putting your microwave above your refrigerator like the couple renting this Chicago home is by no means as stunning as a built-in appliance garage. Even so, this classic storage option does keep it out of your line of sight and can help you avoid cluttering up your countertops.

7. Hide it in a dedicated “appliance garage.”

Okay hear us out. While there’s not a microwave in the photo of this warm and inviting Argentinian kitchen, you could definitely see where you could stash one — such as in the ample bottom drawer space or in the lift-up cabinet doors. A microwave can easily be hidden by creating an appliance garage of some sort, whether that’s in an existing kitchen cabinet that is outfitted with an outlet, or a freestanding piece of furniture with doors you can close.

A version of this story was first published on December 10, 2017, by Nancy Mitchell.