These Are the 6 Biggest Design Trends for 2021, According to One Survey

published Dec 2, 2020
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Living room with gray-green walls and brown-orange sectional
Credit: Modsy

Great news for those who enjoy designs with major throwback vibes: according to a Modsy survey, nostalgia will continue to be a favorite design style in the forthcoming year.

The flashback-focused style will make its presence known in 2021 in six ways in particular, all of which have been highlighted by the online interior design service. 

Credit: Modsy

Bold paint colors

For starters, we can prepare to see bold wall colors make their way to the forefront, due to their ability to create a conscious connection between people and their favorite establishments. That bold yellow hue you’re eyeing for your bedroom walls? Go for it now, and you’ll be ahead of the game. The second way nostalgia is predicted to show up in 2021 is in the form of comfort-centered, traditional styles that are reminiscent of Monica’s apartment on Friends, Modsy reports.

Credit: Modsy

Grandmillennial style

Next up, expect the popularity of classic, traditional styles like wicker and needlepoint (aka grandmillennial design) to become the go-to aesthetic. Get yourself some cottagecore wallpaper and go from there.

Credit: Modsy

Natural materials

Simple is actually anything but boring. Bringing nature in through wood, greenery, or stone adds layers of depth and texture to any room.

Credit: Modsy

Return to the ’80s

Modsy also says that a resurgence of 1980s home decor staples is also very likely, so don’t be surprised if your Instagram feed is filled with interiors that feature glass, shiny stone, lacquer, and brass. 

Credit: Modsy

Light-toned wood

Fans of rustic and Scandinavian design will be thrilled to know that whitewashed and lighter-toned wood are expected to have a moment in the spotlight in 2021, so start calculating flooring material budgets and scouring your favorite flooring design apps so you can bring in the new year at the top of your home decor game.

Credit: Modsy

Traditional comfort

Think slipcovers, classic patterns, and prioritizing functionality. You don’t have to sacrifice style for a space that’s cozy and comfortable.