Nate Berkus’ Hot Tip for Folding Sweatpants Will Transform Your Drawers

published Dec 31, 2023
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Nate Berkus attends LG Signature at the American Ballet Theatre Fall Gala 2019 on October 16, 2019 in New York City.
Credit: Sean Zanni / Stringer / Getty Images

A new year presents the perfect opportunity to get rid of unwanted things and get organized — especially when it comes to your closet. After you weed out all the clothing that doesn’t spark joy, you should nail down a folding method that will keep everything in sight and under control — and triple Virgo Nate Berkus has a great method for doing just that. He recently shared his must-know technique for folding sweats to make them fit perfectly in their drawer so you can easily grab them and go.

“Apparently, I am a great folder and you love the belt video so much that now I feel the need to show you how I fold basically everything,” Berkus said in a November Instagram video. “But I’m starting with sweatpants. Sweatpants never go well in the drawer — you cannot organize them well. But you can if you do it like this.”

To start, you first fold your sweatpants in half as you would normally, one leg on top of the other. Then, you fold in half again so that the hems touch the waistband. And the next part is the most important — you take that crotch section that sticks out from the side and fold it in to create a straight line. You then fold the legs up again and then once more.

“And so, what you have is a little brick without the side sticking out, and then it goes right in the drawer,” Berkus said. Ingenious.

This folding method would also work great for jeans and other pants if they’re also being stored in a drawer. 

Berkus has admitted in the past that he’s a nerd about organization tips and tricks. As mentioned, he also recently geeked out over a belt storage tip he saw online that doesn’t leave loose tails that unwind. And he posted another video earlier this year about how he folds his blankets in thirds (and then in thirds again), which also creates “little bricks” that can be easily grabbed from a linen closet or drawer.

Berkus should change his last name to Kondo with all of these tips he’s sharing — your closets and drawers are about to look like museum installations come 2024.