This Marshmallow-Soft Mattress Makes Me Feel Like I’m Sleeping in a 5-Star Hotel — and It’s $500 Off Right Now

published Jun 22, 2023
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Moving isn’t an easy task, and it doesn’t get easier once you realize that you have to completely furnish a room. Planning my move to New York City was exciting, especially with the endless amount of Pinterest boards that were dedicated to my new apartment. After my previous college bedroom had an abundance of fake vines sprawled throughout the walls, I decided to approach my room and decorate it a bit differently this time. 

My new place in Brooklyn needed a refresh compared to my usual sage green-filled color palette, but I also needed to upgrade my furniture since I couldn’t travel from Florida with my old bed, desk, and dresser. While temporarily living in Boston, the main piece of furniture that I purchased was a standing desk from Flexispot, which left me with the intimidating task of finding a new bed, mattress, and mattress topper. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t as scary as I imagined, but it is the bed of my dreams, which is ironic since I have the best dreams while sleeping in it.

When Nolah Sleep allowed me to test their Signature 12-inch Mattress, I immediately looked forward to the long-awaited sleep after the move. In the item’s description, the mattress allows sleepers to “say goodbye to pressure points and pain around your spine, hips, shoulders, and other joints,” and it was easy to feel that on the first night’s sleep. Combined with my bedframe from Thuma, my sleep setup perfectly fit my room with my desk and allowed me to store clothes under my bed. 

Besides the incredible polyfoam to relieve pressure, the best thing about this mattress is that you’ll feel like a melting marshmallow as you sink into each layer. With side sleepers in mind, I don’t feel guilty about moving around in my sleep, since I know that the mattress will target pressure points. And there’s no concern about sweating too much with light or heavy sheets because Nolah took the mattress’ breathability into consideration. Long story short, the best hotel bed you’ve slept in will somehow still have you missing this mattress back home. 

Credit: Nolah

Once the mattress arrived, I anticipated that the item would arrive in a huge box with a laborious unboxing, but it was quite easy to bring up the medium-sized box to my three-floor walk-up with some assistance. It easily unfolded onto my bed frame and expanded within five minutes, which was convenient since my sheets were just coming out of the dryer. Although I had the immediate urge to jump on my new mattress like a 12-year-old at a sleepover, I can happily say that I laid on top of the bed and almost fell asleep before adding my Brooklinen sheets.

Prior to moving, I had a college student’s budget for furniture, so most things were from IKEA or a Facebook Marketplace find. As I tuck myself into bed every night, I find myself comfortable in every sleep position and angle across this mattress. It effortlessly adds a bit of luxury to my room, and I appreciate all five of its layers for allowing me to have better sleep in a city that seems to never sleep. 

Buy: Signature 12-Inch Mattress, $1,259 (normally $1,799)