This NYC ‘Studio’ Is Just $950 a Month — For a Reason

published Feb 7, 2018
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Gather round, friends, and let me tell you a tale of the magical, mystical, under $1,000 apartment. You’d think such a unicorn wouldn’t exist on the isle of Manhattan, but lo! thar she gallops, across Central Park to the Upper West Side. But alas, not everything is as wonderful as it seems, and there’s a catch to this sweet deal.

6sqft first spotted this studio for rent, and while paying less than a grand per month sans-roommates is extremely tempting, you’d also be living in just 68 square feet.

Let’s just put into perspective just how small that is. According to a 2013 NAHB study, the average new build under 2,000 square feet (their smallest category), features an average 106 square feet of closet space—so nearly double the size of this apartment in closets alone.

Nobody’s trying to hide that minuscule measurement; the listing states “it’s probably the smallest apartment in Manhattan, and it’s also probably the least expensive.” It’s an SRO—Single Room Occupancy—so you’d share the bathroom with four other apartments on your floor (there’s a rotating tenant cleaning schedule).

This particular SRO has a pretty workable kitchen considering its size, with a refrigerator, gas stove, sink, and some cabinets. Unfortunately, that means there’s basically no floor space for anything else. At least you don’t have to worry about squeezing in a bed by the oven—there’s a loft sleeping area with a skylight that fits a twin bed.

But like most things, it’s all about location. To live alone on the Upper West Side (and that’s a given, because it’s illegal to have another person living there, and pets aren’t allowed), would you share a bathroom and sleep in a kitchen?

That toilet by the door in Tokyo is looking a little better right now—as is that shower in the kitchen in San Francisco.