These Are the 5 Items I Use for Organization That Double as Decor

published Jul 26, 2023
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Keeping an organized home is as simple as having a place to put everything — and what that really boils down to is storage. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should feel limited to using dedicated containers, like plastic bins, clear jars, or cardboard boxes, to store your items. Sure, they serve a purpose in garages and closets, but there are a number of more aesthetically pleasing options you can use to keep your everyday pieces orderly while also blending in with your home decor.

My strategy is to first think about where I want to keep something, and then determine which decorative object would look natural in that space. For example, your keys are something you use every day, and it makes sense to keep them close to the entryway. Instead of cluttering up your wall with a key rack organizer, you could place a stylish tray on your entry table to hold your keys. Not only does it provide easy access when entering and exiting your home, but it also layers beautifully with other decor objects like books, candles, and lamps.

Below are five items that don’t look like obvious storage containers that I use to keep things tidy.

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Even in this heyday of wireless technology, there’s no escaping the remote control. In my home, we used to play a constant game of “Where’s the remote?” Sometimes, it’d be on the coffee table, but other times it’d be on the mantel or under a couch pillow. To tame the chaos, I added a papier-mâché bowl to my bookshelf and designated it solely for remote control storage. In addition to upping my #shelfie game with beautiful texture and patina, it completely eliminates the daily hunt for the remote.

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When you have kids, the struggle with toys overtaking your space is oh-so real. While there is no shortage of toy storage options available on the market, I wanted something for my living room that didn’t overtly scream “playroom.” I scored a beautiful wicker trunk while thrifting one day and initially thought to keep extra blankets and pillows in it. But then I realized it was perfect for storing toys. It holds a lot of them, and also makes cleanup super easy — I simply toss toys in and close the lid. No one would ever suspect what’s piled inside.

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We all have those random knickknacks in the kitchen that are nice to have on hand, but can easily contribute to clutter. For me, that includes matchbooks, rubber bands, and binder clips. Rather than stashing them in a junk drawer, I keep them in a little marble salt cellar. It’s a stylish vessel that naturally belongs in the kitchen and doesn’t stand out as a storage jar.

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Keeping a few extra rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom is smart, but stacking them up on the back of the toilet isn't exactly pretty. My solution? Stick them inside a seagrass belly basket, and place the basket on the floor. This keeps them protected from any potential moisture and adds a stylish textural element to your bathroom.

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I really like to keep my workspace super clean to minimize visual clutter. But two things that I need nearly every day when I’m working are flash drives and SD cards. Because these are both small items that tend to get lost in drawers, I keep them in a small ceramic vase on my desk (without flowers, of course). It adds a bit of eye candy to my home office without being distracting — and keeps the flash drives and SD cards within easy reach during work hours.