The Unexpected Color I Use to Organize Everything in My Home (I’ll Never Stop!)

published 3 days ago
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For as long as I can remember, pink has been my favorite color. Every bedroom, workspace, and living room I’ve been able to make my own, I’ve turned pink over time. It’s the first color I opt for when buying a new T-shirt, picking out glassware, and even choosing which emotional support water bottle I want to keep nearby. While pink doesn’t always warrant the reputation it deserves — often characterized as too “girly,” bright, or warm — it continues to be my favorite color. It’s also the one color I use to organize the rest of my space, and the method remains foolproof.

According to interior designer Pamela Williams, I’m not the only one who turns to pink when curating their interior space. “Pink has the ability to trigger a wide range of emotions and create different atmospheres,” she explains. “It is often associated with warmth, comfort, self-love, and nurturing, making it a favorite choice for personal spaces.” 

Besides my lifelong love for the rose-colored shade, there are a few reasons why all my personal spaces are ablaze with pink hues (and why it works).

Credit: Ria Bhagwat

Why Pink Works

There are three reasons why pink works in interior spaces: versatility, comfort, and expression. Williams explains that “pink can be paired with a wide range of colors, from neutrals like gray and beige to bolder hues like navy and emerald green,” allowing personality and efficient home design to intersect. Shades of pink enable stylistic choices to mesh effortlessly with personal preferences.

Similarly, those personal preferences create the warm and comforting atmosphere you might desire in your home. Depending on your personality and ideal mood, you can go about choosing shades of pink that can reflect an optimal interior design layout. Whether it’s blush, millennial, or coral pink, Williams explains that “each of these shades ooze inviting comfort and play a different role in affecting our emotional response.”

Credit: Ria Bhagwat

How I Organize My Home Using Pink

I always start by dressing my bed. Layering a variety of bedsheets, pillows, and throw blankets that incorporate pink into a neatly made bed helps kickstart my organizing routine. Once the bed is made, I declutter my side table (which is adorned with a pink light and a faux plant). 

Next, I vacuum the pink rug that sits in the center of my room before moving to my desk. Since it’s where I do most of my work for eight hours a day, I wipe it clean while organizing the many pink notebooks, jewelry, makeup, and other miscellaneous items that I’ve designated to use at my desk.

Then I move onto my bookshelf, an oasis for people like me who love to read in bed. After wiping each shelf clean from a thick layer of dust, I place all the books with pink covers on the center shelf and the rest around it. 

Lastly, I open my closet — one of the more daunting spots to get organized. I hang all my pink clothing items in the center of my closet before hanging the rest around the colorful focal point. The idea is that when I open my closet, I’ll be met with my favorite color, which encourages me to keep the space clean to preserve my pinkish closet. 

Credit: Ria Bhagwat

What to Consider When Incorporating Pink in Your Space

If you’re a pink fanatic like me, you might feel inclined to make your space even more pink. William suggests the use of accent walls, balanced decor, and a variety of textures. Another way to incorporate pink around the house is by using wall art — such as framed photos, sculptures, or mirrors — for some personalization. Once you’ve established a bit more character in your space, using a multitude of textures can make for a more dynamic room.

If you’re ready to turn it up a notch when it comes to your interior design, you might consider using your favorite color to get started and organize your home around it like I did.