The One Kitchen Storage Spot You’re Probably Overlooking

updated Mar 13, 2020
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We’ve all heard the golden rule of windows: Never put anything in front of them. These precious sources of sunlight and connection to the outdoors must be free of all impediments at all times, lest your space become dark and cave-like. Although this is a good general rule of thumb, there are some situations when it’s not so true. Case in point: The window above the kitchen sink.

The kitchen is one of those places that never seems to have enough storage. Between food, appliances, fancy knives, dinnerware, cleaning supplies, and that ever-expanding mug collection, it’s a wonder there’s any countertop space left for prepping and making meals. If you’re looking for a place to add a bit more storage to, consider the window behind the sink.

Yes, it might be where most of your natural light streams in from, but there are tons of solutions that will help you max out this spot without interrupting those precious rays of light. Whether you’re looking for a handy drying rack or a simple shelf for plants, we’ve got you covered with these items that’ll help you make the most of your kitchen.

Credit: West Elm

Bamboo Sink Shelf

This shelf-hook duo is your basic floating shelf but with a lot more function. Hang one across your window if it fits, and above it if not, and use the hooks to store tea towels, utensils, and whatever your heart desires. It’s a solid way to get both functional and decorative storage in your kitchen. 

Buy: Wall-Mounted Wood Shelf, $65 from West Elm

A Bookshelf Pot Rack

If you want to really maximize your window space but are worried about darkening your kitchen, try storing pots there. Light can still easily still pass through your dangling cookware—as long as you’re not bulking up the unit. This industrial grid-like pot rack can hang in front of the window and hold frequently used utensils, pots, ladles, and more.

Buy: Cuisinart Brushed Stainless Steel Rectangular Bookshelf Pot Rack, $70.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond

Asher Rope Hanging Shelf

Looking for something a bit more boho chic? This mini swing shelf is an adorable way to max out your kitchen window space without overcrowding it. Hang it from the top of the window, then stock it with spices, plants, or morning coffee supplies. It’ll make whatever it’s holding look instantly more stylish. 

Buy: Asher Rope Hanging Wall Shelf, $16 from Urban Outfitters

Credit: Walmart

Over-the-Sink Storage Rack

The sink is a point of contention in many kitchens. Whether it’s filled with dirty dishes or a sponge gone rogue, the area can sometimes look like a war zone. This storage rack will solve those problems. It has space for plates, a detergent basket, a cutlery holder, and even S-hooks. There’s a spot for everything, which means your sink and surrounding counters can always stay nice and clean.

Buy: Over the Sink Storage Rack, $72.45 from Walmart

Credit: Pottery Barn

An Entertaining Shelf

If you have room at the top of your kitchen window, this dynamic shelf is a great way to make use of this hard-to-reach spot. It has cutouts that hold wine glasses on the bottom plus a flat surface on top for mugs or plants. It’s a good way to store extra glassware you don’t regularly use without having to tuck them away in a crowded cabinet.

Buy: Holman Entertaining Shelf, $149 from Pottery Barn

Credit: CB2

Rough Cast Black Towel Bar

For a really simple storage solution, buy a towel bar and mount it across your kitchen window. Use hooks to hang plants, mugs, pots and pans, oven mitts, or whatever else you want to display. This one has a simple, sleek finish with a low profile, ensuring the items you hang won’t bump against the window.

Buy: Rough Cast Black Towel Bar, $39.95 $29.99 from CB2

Credit: Overstock

Bamboo Sink Shelf

You don’t have to invest in a big piece or block tons of light to get window storage. This minimal, over-the-sink shelf has room for a few dishwashing essentials like soap, a sponge, and some gloves so you can keep them at the ready without cluttering your countertop. It’s small enough that it only just covers the bottom of the window, but it still makes good use of empty space. 

Buy: Bamboo Sink Shelf, $29.49 from Overstock