The Latest Art Trend Is Marvelously Huge — and You Can Buy It or DIY

published Aug 19, 2022
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New art trend alert! Today’s coolest and most colorful interiors are sharing one sort of strange, totally awesome art micro trend: Comically oversized art pieces of objects, edibles, and animals.

It’s a wild world out there. Scary for some, hard for many. Why shouldn’t your interiors make you laugh and smile a bit? If you’re looking for an A-okay way to inject some silly into your home’s rooms, may I suggest an oversized object, particularly if it’s faux food or an artificial animal? Flat visual pieces like paintings, prints, canvases, and more are perfectly wonderful ways to add color and pattern to our homes, but they’re simply not the only art option. As the homes of all sizes and styles below prove, adding 3D sculptures into the mix is a great way to inject whimsy and joy into a home.

Colossal and cool objects from real homes:

The corn stool has absolutely been spotted in real homes before, but I just loved seeing it in Josh and Matt’s modern Melbourne rental apartment. The stool, which is available through Third Drawer Down’s US site, isn’t exactly a budget buy at almost $250, but it is a striking visual that no visitor to your space will ever forget.

Graphic designer and typographer Sophie Elinor‘s Australia house is positively packed with a delightful array of colorful and eye-catching sights, but it’s her giant letters and giant pencil that fill me with joy. She’s a professional designer so I’d hardly call these DIY projects to try yourself — they’re more like art installations. But they make quite the visual impact, and her whole home and portfolio is sure to act as oversized inspiration.

Credit: Erin Derby

For anyone concerned that this art trend isn’t for small homes, this 200-square-foot studio apartment is proof that an oversized art sculpture can be added into even the smallest of spaces… and can even be functional, to boot! Or should I say, to glove... Skylar’s living room area features the coolest hand pillow, made by Sohn and available for purchase. It’d be the perfect oversized element to add to any space for a minimal but massive art vibe.

Artist Sara Wenokur‘s Chicago home features many of her rainbow-hued creations (which are occasionally available for sale) but as a flower fan, I particularly love the oversized blooms that abound throughout her home, made even better knowing they’re actually mirrors, too!

I kicked off this year’s Color Month house tours with Lærke Victoria’s incredibly vibrant Copenhagen home. It’s packed with fun in nearly every corner, but some of the elements that really stood out to me were the oversized DIY papier-mâché fruits sprinkled about her home. “I made them from scratch, and the design process and the actual execution took me hours,” she explains in her tour. “I love the dimensions of them and the childish almost theatrical feeling they bring to the space. So far I’ve made a strawberry, an orange, a pea pod, two cherries, and a banana.”

Credit: Erin Derby

Jessica Stempel‘s rental apartment in NYC is full of fun art — many of it her own! — but one particularly large-sized piece really steals the show in the bedroom, despite plenty of other colorful elements in the space. The rainbow-colored giant gummy bear in the corner came from Behind The Fence Gallery.

Credit: Erin Derby

Maitri Mody, who shows off her awesome fashion and interior styles on her popular Instagram and TikTok accounts, @honeyidressedthepug, has plenty of joyful decor to love in her small NYC rental apartment, but get a load of that perfect and perky strawberry vase, available for a great price from places like Amazon. If berries aren’t your thing, this fun mushroom vase is a great option, too.

While technically a flat painting, the giant ice cream “melting” delightfully in Becky Bloom‘s living room definitely deserves addition to this list of oversized art items. Painted by artist Derek Erdman, it is a vibrant anchor to an already colorful and exciting room.

Yuka and partner Daniel have whimsical and kitschy elements all over their home, even plenty of food-themed accessories (honorary mention to the burger on the coffee table). But it’s the garlic objects with smiley faces (looks like a salt and pepper shaker, roughly garlic sized and a larger-than-life garlic container) that have put a smile on my face!

Color and art abound in Emily Green’s Melbourne home, but what caught my eye was the giant daisy pillow/art piece on the primary bedroom’s bed. Created by Milly Sleeping, the “lazy daisies” are a versatile decor element that would look good in any space.

Technically life-sized (or smaller) objects that still fit this specific art trend vibe:

India’s Ohio home is a playground of primary color blocks, as well as fun DIYs and gorgeous furniture pieces. But it’s the animal cutouts in a few of the rooms that are such a surprising, delightful element. “They were made by an Ohio craftsman 15 years ago for a vacation bible school. I kind of have a thing for random, handmade wood cutouts,” shares India in her house tour. “We already had clowns and a Thing 1 Thing 2 (currently in storage), so when I saw the animals on Facebook, I HAD to have them. I mean, look at that zebra! Getting them was quite the adventure. They were in a barn, at the end of a dirt road, surrounded by cornfields, in a town we weren’t familiar with. And of course it was pitch black. We’ve seen way too many ‘Criminal Minds’ episodes so we were one hundred percent on guard for serial killers! Thankfully we lived to tell the tale! There are six total; we kept three and the rest are available in our shop.”

Credit: Jason Rampe

It’s an art piece! It’s a chair! It’s a giant hand and I love it! Tay‘s Brooklyn rental is a bright and refreshing array of unique items, and the oversized hand chair found on Etsy adds to the incredible vibe.

Credit: Jiyan Zandi

“I recently thrifted this $40 panther coffee table off of Facebook Marketplace. It was super cute already, but I spray painted it hot pink and now she is ICONIC,” explains Bridgette Whitney in her San Diego house tour. I completely agree!