The Surprisingly Chic Kitchen Find That Will Instantly Double Your Storage Space

published Jul 6, 2022
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In my household, cabinet organization is an almost monthly task, specifically for those areas under the kitchen and bathroom sinks. It’s too easy to reach under without looking, rummage around for whatever I need, then haphazardly shove the item back in and disrupt whatever organizational system was in place. And no matter how much rearranging I do, I still somehow feel like there’s not enough space for everything. (Fortunately, AT editors have come up with some smart solutions for such issues.) I’ve been telling myself to come up with a better approach for a while now, but nothing has really stood out to me. That is, until I came across these shelf risers from Pattern Brands, which conveniently come in a set of two.

If this product looks familiar to you, it’s probably because we’ve covered similar ones here on AT. But these particular risers by the brand Open Spaces are so aesthetically pleasing that they’re practically decor. “Elegant, stackable, and they disappear against a light colored wall, in a good way!” one reviewer shared. “I have more counter space for working and everything looks tidier.”

As you might expect, all you have to do is put these risers in a kitchen cabinet and they instantly double the storage space by allowing you to store things on top of and underneath them. But of course there are other uses, as these would work just as well pretty much anywhere: on top of your desk, in your closet or even on your kitchen counter. “Love the look and feel of these shelf risers,” one reviewer wrote. “… my pantry has a much better organizational flow.” I like the idea of separating different categories of items with these risers — I’m picturing stationery and other office supplies neatly stacked and never dissolving into a disorderly heap again. But even just visually dividing up dinnerware by size, function, and color or cleaning products by purpose is an enticing thought.

Another potential use for these risers is as a traditional laptop stand, even just for scrolling or streaming in bed. “I am using these to give some height to my mini TV and some beauty products,” shared a previous buyer with similar ideas. “Great for extending counter storage as well as a laptop riser (which I use often in the era of constant Zoom calls),” wrote another. Pattern Brands customers seemingly can’t get enough of these risers and the multiple functions they serve. Between their appealing design and adaptable nature, it’s easy to see why.

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