The Game-Changing Storage Solution That Doubled My Closet Space and Stopped Clothing Avalanches for Good

published Jul 7, 2023
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When I moved into my studio apartment, I was met with one particular challenge I’m sure many of you can relate to: how to store my clothing. While I, of course, had a closet (with ample storage space I must say), I was still going from a space that also allowed a full-sized dresser to one that did not, meaning maximizing my closet space was a must. So, I invested in the usual suspects like a hanging tiered organizer and a shoe rack that could expertly separate my collection from my clothing. The only part of my closet I couldn’t get a hold of organizing correctly was my top shelf. You see, above my top shelf there is a plethora of vertical storage space, but I could only stack so much atop that shelf before the items came tumbling down in an avalanche every time I opened my closet door. I didn’t think I’d ever find a closet organizer that would solve this problem — that is until I tried out the Periea Collapsible Storage Box Collection.

What is the Periea Collapsible Storage Box Collection?

Coming in a set of five, the Periea Collapsible Storage Box Collection is the ultimate storage solution for anyone in need of stackable storage with easy access. Arriving condensed, these boxes pop open with a quick click of the metal frame and are extremely sturdy thanks to the solid canvas bases. The real magic, though, lies with the zippered window panels, which not only let you see what you have stored in each container but make removing items as needed a breeze. With these storage boxes, you no longer need to fumble with bringing down a bulky container whenever you need an extra blanket or your favorite sweater.

Credit: Sarah Vazquez

Why I Love the Periea Collapsible Storage Box Collection

One look at the picture above and it’s easy to see why I adore these containers. Before picking these up, my top shelf was a nightmare. I stacked everything from extra clothes to bedding in a chaotic mess that always ended up toppling over. By introducing these containers into my closet, I’ve effectively doubled my storage space, taking advantage of that second level of vertical space I couldn’t organize before. In fact, I was able to make room in my smaller hall closet thanks to these organizers by moving my bag collection to this closet. So, not only did these organizers help get my clothing closet in order, but they also gave me the opportunity to properly reorganize my entryway closet, too. Talk about a double whammy!

Coming in four colors and with three different sizes in a pack (two large, two medium, and one small), the Periea Collapsible Storage Box Collection is a steal at just $60. So whether you’re looking to add some vertical storage to your space or are simply over cleaning up an avalanche of clothes every time you open your closet door, give these organizers a try. My only complaint about these containers is that I didn’t pick them up sooner.