The Editor-Loved $63 Organizer Set That Will Double Your Closet Storage Space in a Snap

published Jan 10, 2024
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Credit: Anna Spaller

I’ll admit it: I have a bit of a sweater problem. Since I moved from a state with mild, short winters to one where I seem to be cold for nearly half of the year, I’ve just kept accumulating more and more until they started to overflow. (And I have a dresser, closet, and two clothing racks going on!) My love for winter wear has presented a bit of a problem, especially once the colder months have passed. Usually, they balance precariously on the top shelf in my closet during the summer, and you can probably guess how well that has gone so far. (Hint: I’ve lost track of how many times the stack has fallen over.)

It’s far past time that I make a change, which is why I’ve been eyeing these storage boxes that our SEO editor can’t say enough good things about. It seems like QVC is giving me a sign that now is the time to snag the 7-piece set, because it’s nearly $10 cheaper than normal right now. Here’s why shoppers swear by it for seasonal clothing storage and more.

What is the Periea Set of 7 Assorted Collapsible Storage Boxes?

Our SEO editor Sarah was dealing with a problem just like mine before adding these folding boxes to her closet and putting an end to her clothing avalanches for good. The steel-framed set includes several different sizes, ranging from 21″ by 16″ by 14″ to 11.8″ by 9.3″ by 6.3”, that you can stack vertically. The see-through panels allow you to know where all of your items are at all times, saving you the trouble of rifling through tons of boxes to find the single piece you’re looking for. The true game-changer, though, is that they have two points of entry, with one opening on the front and another on the top, so getting to the item you want is an absolute breeze.

“I’ve effectively doubled my storage space, taking advantage of that second level of vertical space I couldn’t organize before,” Sarah wrote in her review. “In fact, I was able to make room in my smaller hall closet thanks to these organizers by moving my bag collection to this closet.” 

Credit: QVC

What QVC Reviewers are Saying

Average Rating: 3.8/5

“I bought these in the Buffalo check and used them to redo the linen closet and another small closet. I did not stack them as others mentioned, but they are real sturdy standing a lone on shelves and hold a lot! I am very pleased! ! I wish I had bought 2 sets when they were the TSV! But will purchase more soon, because they are fabulous!” – Shorty2U

“The size variety and sturdy construction make the containers a winner. The view window and access make it easy to pull desired items without having to pull the box each time I want something. Feel like the deign also protects from little spiders or moths.” – cymore

“I use the large ones to store my bulky Irish sweaters and sweater coats. I also find they perfectly will store flat my taller Christmas Santas, snowmen, and other “softer” figurines. The smaller sizes I store my winter gloves, shawls, scarves, and hats. They keep clean free of dust on my garage shelves.” – Tshirtgal

If you thought it couldn’t get any better, you were mistaken: The boxes come in seven different, gorgeous prints and colors, so you can match them to your space’s aesthetic. Truly, $63 is a small price to pay for how big of a difference these boxes will make, no matter if they hold your extra towels, linens, or out-of-season clothes. Take advantage of the discount while you still can!