30 Ways to Incorporate Your “Planetary Color” into Your Life

published Jan 8, 2023
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Credit: Erin Derby

Do you know your planetary color? It’s the color of the planet that rules your sun, rising, and moon zodiac signs — like bright red for Aries or maroon for Virgo. I’m a Leo sun sign, ruled by the sun, so my color is (naturally) gold.

Gold is also one of my favorite colors to use to accent different things in my life. I have a blanket with gold constellations, a pasta container with painted gold highlights, and a button-down shirt with gold thread running through it. 

Once you’ve figured out your planetary color, you’ve got a ton of options for incorporating it into your life in fun — but not overbearing — ways. Try some of these for a blast of relatable color in your world.

In Your House

  1. Paint an accent wall
  2. Hang a colored sun catcher in the window. 
  3. Add throw pillows and blankets in your planetary color. 
  4. Get a colorful tablecloth, table runner, placemats. 
  5. Upgrade your appliances to match your planetary color.
  6. Paint the bannister.
  7. Get a matching bath towel set or swap out your shower curtain for one in your color.
  8. Add colorful lampshades to your lights. 
  9. Bring in a cozy, comfortable, and colorful rug
  10. Update the artwork in your home to include shades of your planetary color. 
Credit: Courtesy of Booking.com.

Outside the Home

  1. Install colorful light bulbs to brighten up your home and plants.
  2. Paint your front door
  3. Add shutters to the windows in your planetary color. 
  4. Plant flowers or add items and decorations with your color around the yard.
  5. Paint your mailbox.
  6. Either buy a new patio table and chairs set in your planetary color or paint a current one to match.
  7. If you really want to go all out, re-side, or paint the exterior of your home. 
  8. If it makes reasonable sense, reshingle your roof in your planetary color. 
  9. Add decorative colorful stones along your driveway or patio.
  10. Paint your garage door. 
Credit: Marie-Lyne Quirion

With Your Personal Items

  1. Buy felt-tip pens in your planetary color. 
  2. Change the background color on your phone or Gmail page. 
  3. Upgrade your watch band or phone case to your planetary color. 
  4. Wear a piece of statement jewelry that matches or coordinates with your color. 
  5. Always use one accessory, like a scarf or purse, in your planetary color. 
  6. Put a colorful wrap on your laptop.
  7. Paint the frames of artwork and pictures throughout your home to match your planetary color.
  8. Get a manicure in your color.
  9. Replace the drawer pulls on your furniture with something in your planetary color, or paint them. 
  10. Hang a neon sign with a fun saying on the wall.