The $10 Hack That Transformed My Houseplants into Beautiful Wall Decor

published May 3, 2023
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Getting a pothos plant is almost like getting a puppy. At first, you check out YouTube videos and blog posts to learn how to take care of it. Then you start telling everyone you meet about your growing baby. It becomes a proud fixture in your online personality and your Zoom background. But as it keeps growing, you wonder how much longer it will fit in your home. You didn’t know it would take up so much space, but now you’re (happily) stuck with it forever.

My secret for managing four pothos plants, all of which have extremely long vines, is this simple Amazon find. It’s a pack of self-adhesive clips that you stick to your walls and attach your vines to so they don’t pile up on the floor. You get 100 clips for $10, and even with all my plants, I haven’t used an entire pack yet. And while they may not seem to do anything for your pet, keep in mind that pothos plants are poisonous to cats and dogs, so keeping their vines and leaves out of reach is actually a huge help.

These clips have a peel-and-stick backing so you can put them anywhere on your walls, and in my experience, they do very minimal damage to painted drywall if you want to take them off. Once they’re in place, you can put a vine in the center and twist the little arms around to secure it. They work with any plants that have vines and because they’re transparent they’re easy to hide and give the appearance that your plants are growing wildly and beautifully along your walls. Having these clips has opened my mind to incorporating greenery into home decor, which isn’t something I knew houseplants could do!

Credit: Nic Dobija-Nootens

My one note of advice with using these vine clips is to plan some kind of route for your plants’ tendrils. When my wife and I first installed them we underestimated how long our pothos would grow, and after a few months, the vines had made a lap around our wall and needed a new direction to head in. We ended up guiding one vine over a hallway, and having plants crawl overhead gives our home a refreshing energy. When I walk under the leaves on a sunny afternoon, I almost feel like I haven’t spent all day working indoors.

Because these clips come in a pack of 100, I would honestly be shocked if you used them all. They also come in handy outside if you have plants or string lights that you want to decorate your patio or balcony with. And if you’re finally ready to tidy up all the cords and cables at your desk or behind your entertainment console, these helpful clips can corral those things as well. I’ve been using them for a little over a year, and I’m sure I’ll continue to find more uses for them over time.

Credit: Nic Dobija-Nootens

It’s time to help all your viny plants do more than just dangle, and these affordable clips will get the job done lickety-split. They’re perfect for pothos plants, power cables, and party lights, so you can buy just one thing to organize all the vines, wires, and strands in your home.