Amazon Shoppers Bought This $23 Fridge Organizer More Than 6,000 Times Last Month (It Frees Up a Ton of Space!)

published May 20, 2024
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There’s never a wrong moment to declutter your space, but spring is a particularly great time for it. The season is all about change and renewal, so adopting that mentality when it comes to your home will only have a positive impact. Summer officially arrives in a few weeks, so if you haven’t gotten around to tackling spring cleaning yet, this is your sign to get started now before your schedule gets too busy. (It’s never too late!)

After embracing an “out with the old” mindset and cutting out all of the items you don’t need, the next step is straightening things up and start thinking about “in with the new.” One of the new items you should consider grabbing is this budget-friendly Amazon set that’ll organize every shelf in your fridge. Over 6,000 shoppers purchased it in the last month, so it seems like they’re thinking along the same lines as I am. The Pomeat organizer will keep your food fresh and eliminate the need for all of those hard-to-store food packages — and if you apply the coupon at checkout, it’ll only cost $26.

What Is the Pomeat 10-Pack Fridge Organizer?

I’m sure you’ve seen those before and after videos of people switching all of their store-bought food packaging to clear bins, and now you can do the same for under $30. Good looks aside, the most important thing is this BPA-free set will free up a ton of space in your fridge (or in the pantry, if you wanted to store dry snacks instead). Like the rest of the pieces, the largest bin that serves as the base has a drainage tray, so it’s ideal for bulkier produce. It elevates food away from moisture, which’ll prolong its shelf life. The medium-size containers, which stack right on top of the large one, can hold about 50 ounces. The six smaller ones that perch on the very top are perfect for individual snack portions.

Credit: Pomeat

What Amazon Shoppers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.4/5

“In my household we are very big on veggies and fruit, and these have helped so much to keep them fresher for longer. Because of the extra bottom layer, it keeps my veggies touching any excess water at the bottom from cleaning them prior! Came in great condition, no scratches or cracks and well packaged!” – Ashley

“I love these containers even more than I expected. They look nice, great quality. My produce lasts so much longer in them.” – gypsy_ray

“Not sure why I waited so long to buy these. They are great! I am able to see all my veggies and greens, and they remove all the bulky packing.” – Kindle Customer

10 pieces for under $30 is a total score, but there’s no telling how long the coupon will last. When you consider that and the fact that there are only a couple of weeks left for spring cleaning, you’ll want to add this set to your cart pronto.

Buy: Pomeat 10-Pack Fridge Organizer, $22.99 (normally $34.99)