Before and After: See How a Pro Organizer Gives This “Glam Room” a Glow Up Worthy of Its Name 

published Feb 2, 2023
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The closet, room, or set-off space where you get dressed and ready isn’t the most commonly-seen area in a home, but just because it isn’t visible to others doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be tidy and aesthetically pleasing. After all, beginning the day in an uplifting space starts the morning off on the right foot. 

Jenna Haefelin of Spiff Organizing created just this kind of elevated space when overhauling her client’s “glam room,” an overflow closet space. Jenna explains that all her clients, including this one, are inspired to make a change so that they “feel relaxed and stress-free when they walk in their door.” 

Previously, the glam room wasn’t being maximized, shares Jenna. “It wasn’t fulfilling the purpose it needed to, which was to store clothes and accessories that the closet could not fit and create an open, more functional, and inviting space.”

Jenna’s plan was to “maximize the space, including everything [the client ] needed, but I also wanted to create a cool vibe in the room to match her aesthetic. What we needed to include was: create space for clothes and accessories, tidy up vanity and make it functional, keep a desk space, get a new futon for guests to sit on and sleep if needed.”

To make this happen, Jenna began by collecting photos of the space to evaluate it and provide an estimated timeframe for completion. Next, she sent a mood board of items that would work in the client’s space so that she could choose what she wanted. The items were sorted and eventually organized by putting like items with like and color coding. 

In the glam room, Jenna used straight-sided canvas bins and white document boxes from The Container Store, and white hangers from Amazon. Everything was removed from the floor, shoes were corralled with shoes of a similar color and height on shelves, and the corner wall shelves were transformed into display areas that could breathe. The wardrobe rack was removed and a new futon was added. 

“I love how functional it is and how the room is maximized yet breathable,” says Jenna of the newly revamped space. For anyone who wishes to implement a similar change in a closet, she advises that you make sure you do an edit before organizing your things, and, if you ever feel lost or overwhelmed, you might want to consider hiring a professional to help. 

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