Your Pyrex and CorningWare Could Be Worth Thousands — Here’s Why

published Jun 18, 2023
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Home chefs everywhere are no doubt in mourning following the news that Instant Brands has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The parent company of iconic brands such as Instant Pot, Pyrex, Corelle, Snapware, and CorningWare announced the decision to file earlier this week, citing ongoing impacts of COVID-19, marking a sad decline after the company saw a surge of sales early on in the pandemic. Now, it seems the fate of your favorite kitchen staples is in limbo, while some vintage pieces are selling for thousands of dollars on eBay as they’ve become a hot resale commodity.

As reported by The New York Times, Instant Brands will secure $132.5 million in funding in the hopes of staying afloat and restructure instead of liquidating its business altogether. So all hope isn’t lost, but if you were thinking of snagging a new Instant Pot or stocking up on some kitchenware, it might not be a bad time to do so on sites like Amazon — a bunch are even on sale.

Ben Gadbois, President and CEO of Instant Brands, confirmed the news in a statement, writing: “After successfully navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and the global supply chain crisis, we continue to face additional global macroeconomic and geopolitical challenges that have affected our business. In particular, tightening of credit terms and higher interest rates impacted our liquidity levels and made our capital structure unsustainable. In recent months, we have been working closely with all of our financial stakeholders to position the company for its next phase of success.”

Now, some sellers are trying to scoop up big bucks on eBay for their existing items, with vintage CorningWare among the most coveted of all. The top picks include the brand’s “Floral” design (which was available between 1971 and 1975), “Wildflowers Spice of Life,” and others. One Australian seller told a local news outlet that her mother’s collection had “been gathering dust” for years, until it recently minted her thousands of bucks.

“I sold off a few pieces — with my mom’s blessing of course — and have made about $9,000 [Australian, $6,165 USD] so far,” she told “I have another one listed at the moment, which I’m hoping to get around $2,500 [$1,712 USD] for. I would never have thought that it could be so valuable. When I was younger, I thought it was just daggy. Now it’s making us more money than I ever dreamed.”

Vintage Pyrex has been hot on the resale market for a while, largely due to the quality and durability that’s lacking in current-day pieces.

Unfortunately, Instant Brands isn’t the only beloved kitchen brand facing economic uncertainty these days. Back in April, Tupperware announced the probability of bankruptcy in the coming months due to struggling sales. So it’s worth checking your cabinets to see if you’ve got anything worth selling. You never know what treasures you might uncover right in your own home.