Of Course Reese Witherspoon’s House Has the Reading Nook of Your Dreams

published May 4, 2020
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Reese Witherspoon knows a thing or two about books. She also knows a thing or two about style. So really, it shouldn’t be at all a surprise that her house combines reading and design into a book nook that I will absolutely be dreaming about for the next year or so.

The “Little Fires Everywhere” star posted a photo to her Instagram today of her and her son Tennessee just chillin’ in their little spot, and while her caption asked people to share their favorite children’s book*, all I can really focus on is her perfect setup. The reading area is set into the wall, with a mattress-like cushion (which has a gorgeous floral-print cover), some throw pillows, a seascape painting on the back wall, and shelves set inside it, for even more book magic. Reese surely doesn’t live in a small space, but she smartly included drawers underneath the seating area, as well as a shelf above it, for extra storage.

Sure, the nook kind of looks like a bed, but isn’t that the point? Isn’t reading while lying down a thrilling luxury, especially the moment when you stop mid-page and decide to close your eyes for a few minutes, only to take an absolutely dreamy nap? And I don’t know about you, but I really love being holed up in an alcove, whether it’s for sleeping or reading or just feeling safe and secure in that little cranny.

If I were Reese and family, I would low-key use this as my bed. But I’m not, and the closest I have to a reading nook is a single chair in my studio apartment that I use for reading—but boy, am I going to pretend I’m in Reese’s house when I sit there from now on.

*And just because Reese asked, my favorite children’s book is “The Lorax”.