Five Small Decor Changes That Will Boost Your Mood

published Oct 8, 2013

We all know that a divinely decorated room can make us instantly happy—and that a lackluster one can seriously bum us out. Yet when HomeGoods surveyed 1,000 folks about how decor affects their moods, a whopping 54% hadn’t made the decor changes they want because they feared they’d break the bank. Ready to smile?

They won’t.

HomeGoods used the survey data to create six awesome Happy Home Decor Resolutions—small, inexpensive changes with big impacts that will have you whistling a happy tune in no time. For instance, 50% of folks had at least one room that felt incomplete, despite being fully furnished. The best way to cross the finish line? Choose decor touches that reflect your personal style. The more “you” a room is, the more “done” it feels.

Forget pledging to exercise every day or finally learn French—these resolutions are low on effort and investment but high on reward:

Add color without paint. The brushes, the rollers, the splattered clothes—skip the hassle (and expense) and add punches of color the easy way, via throw pillows, glassware, frames and vases.

Cozy up to your kitchen. It can seem tough to make this functional space feel finished and homey, but it’s all in the details: Mix in personal decorative touches, like funky signs, eye-catching containers and colorful vases.

Lighten up. Bad lighting = bad moods. Choose lamps with personality and style and enjoy a sunnier disposition (pun definitely intended).

Give the bedroom a little boost. 48% of respondents said the bedroom would benefit most from small decor changes. Switch out your bedding, add a new lamp or toss in a colorful throw pillow for effortless, impactful updates that will break the rut, not the bank.

Accessorize. According to 37% of respondents, simply adding accessories would boost their moods. Hit up HomeGoods for bold, unique and surprising accents.

HomeGoods challenged 11 bloggers to bring their own Happy Home Resolutions to life and share the results on Pinterest: