Welcome to Restival Season, Where Relaxing Is the Main Event

published May 17, 2021
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Welcome to Restival Season, Apartment Therapy’s series about slowing down, sleeping more, and relaxing however you can — no fancy wristbands needed.

Like everything else in 2020, music festivals came to a screeching halt due to the coronavirus pandemic. And while the vaccines have brought a bit of normalcy back to 2021, most large events are still on hold. But not to worry — this week, Apartment Therapy is throwing its own type of festival, and it’s all about rest. A Restival, if you will.

Rest is something I’m fiercely passionate about. I am one of those weirdos who goes to bed before 9 p.m. and wakes up without an alarm, meditates twice a day, and has no problem saying no to plans (even when there isn’t a global pandemic). Yet as a middle class, cisgender white woman who lives alone, I have a lot of privilege when it comes to how I spend my time. Those who work multiple jobs, take care of children, or navigate sharing space and a calendar with others have their work cut out for them. If that’s you, I hope this week’s featured stories will help you find ways to take the rest you deserve.

Speaking of our Restival lineup, we’re starting the week off today with a story on why rest is more important than ever right now. As the world continues to open back up, you may be tempted to fill your social calendar to the brim. But, as writer De Elizabeth puts it, “it’s important to remember that the past year has taken an emotional toll on many people, and it’s crucial to prioritize self-care just as much as catching up with friends.”

“We assume that just because we were stuck at home, we should be emerging from this year fully rested,” author Caroline Dooner says, noting that, on the contrary, this year has been uniquely exhausting. “We were stressed, we were isolated, we had to shift the way we worked and parented and shopped and socialized, and we will probably need ways to heal from that.”

I hope you make some time to relax with us this week. Here’s to a more restful 2021!