Here’s Why You Should Rethink the Design Details in Your Home — Try These 6 Options to Start

published Feb 15, 2023
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

When designing a home, it’s only natural to focus on the bigger picture. These are the furnishings you see and use every day — the sofa, the dining table, the entryway console — so of course they’d get a large share of your attention. Once those pieces are checked off your list, then the smaller but still necessary ones come into view: the light fixtures, the pillows, the art. And then that’s it! You’re done with your design and can sit back knowing that you accomplished this job. Right? 

Well, there happens to be one more design tier that you probably haven’t spent as much time on: the passing details. These are things in your home that serve a clear purpose, but people often settle for their most basic, straight-from-the-store forms. There’s the simple outlet cover and the standard electrical cord, or the ordinary light switch and conventional door hinge. There’s even the neutral shower head and door handle. These are all vital components of your home, but as it turns out, they’re also an untapped design opportunity. You can give these passing details some can’t-miss personality by upgrading their standard features with more eye-catching alternatives, and it’s sure to elevate the entire look of your space. 

Think about it: Here’s your chance to give an outlet cover a hint of fun. Finally, your electrical cord can potentially match a nearby rug. A light switch can suddenly have an air of luxury, and a simple door hinge can feel like jewelry on the frame. By paying attention to even the smallest of design details, it’s possible to make your home feel more personalized and intentional, as if the finishing touches are just as important as the big-ticket items. And when you and your guests take a look around, they’re sure to notice the cohesion. 

Take a look at the six options below, and consider giving these passing details their due. 

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