The Luxurious, Lightweight Blanket That Helps Me Sleep Comfortably on Hot Summer Nights

published Jul 17, 2023
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guest bedroom with green wainscoting, white walls, bed with white and gray linens, neutral flatweave carpet, patterned gray area rug, white pendant lantern

If there’s one thing my colleagues here at AT are experts on, it’s cooling bedding. Whether you need a recommendation for a pillow that won’t make your head and neck sweat or a mattress topper that won’t trap extra heat in your bed, they’ve got all the best recs. For a long time, I purposely avoided this category of bed products because I tend to run cold. I typically don’t mind feeling a little toasty, but over the past couple of summers, my tolerance for the heat has also gone down. This might have to do with the fact that I recently moved into an NYC apartment with no central AC, or perhaps because seasonal temperatures are only continuing to climb year after year. In any case, I’m relieved to have found the perfect bed covering to help combat nighttime sweats. If there’s one cooling bedding product I could recommend, it would easily be the Riley four-layer coverlet.

What is the Four-Layer Coverlet?

This stylish coverlet isn’t actually marketed as a cooling product. You won’t find any heat-reducing gel memory foam or a copper-infused, moisture-wicking layer. Instead, the four-layer coverlet is simply ultra-lightweight and breathable in its construction, so you’ll never feel stuffy under its layers of 100-percent premium combed cotton. With this in mind, it’s no wonder the blanket won the Best Overall category on our Best List! You can use this product as either your main bed blanket or a casual throw that you keep nearby for impromptu sofa naps. It’s highly versatile in this way, and its waffle-like texture adds a plush and luxurious feeling to the otherwise simple coverlet.

Credit: Riley

Why I Love the Four-Layer Coverlet

What first drew me to the four-layer coverlet was its subtle but stylish design. I own one in the “oatmeal” shade, which is so easy to style with different-colored sheets and pillowcases. Beyond that, the coverlet made me realize that although I prefer to be extra warm during the colder months, I don’t have to suffer through the heat with a heavy comforter throughout the summer. Sleeping under this blanket, I feel cool and relaxed well into the morning. It’s also important to note that the coverlet runs large; I got mine in the full/queen size for my queen-sized bed, and it completely dwarfed my mattress. I don’t mind this, though. It’s nice to be able to layer the coverlet over my body twice if needed, meaning I can use it well into fall without catching a chill at night. Thanks to all of these amazing qualities, I’d highly suggest picking up your own four-layer coverlet in one of the five sophisticated colors available. It’s a summertime purchase you won’t look back on.