9 DIY and Home Decor TikTokers to Keep Your Eye on This Year

published Jan 30, 2022
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There’s a certain thrill in beating the crowd. Maybe it’s seeing a band perform just before their song plays on the radio, or watching an actor in a hometown production before they make it big.

The thrill of “being there first” can also happen online, and that’s particularly true as more and more DIYers cultivate an audience on TikTok. Like millions of others, Apartment Therapy editors have been watching lots (and lots) of TikToks these days — and watching out for TikTokers who seem to be just on the cusp of becoming even bigger.

We found nine who fit the bill, hailing from everywhere from Chicago to Denver and the U.K. to Indonesia. Their content is approachable and fun, colorful and bold, and we can’t seem to stop watching them infuse their surroundings with their undeniably cool personalities. All of them will hopefully give you the feeling that we had: 2022 is going to be a big year for these creators.

A DIYer Tackling Her 150-Year-Old Home One Warm and Cozy Update at a Time

When Zenia Olivares, the DIYer behind @styleitprettyhome, moved into her New Jersey home, it definitely looked its age. The house was built in 1875, but over the course of the last two years, Zenia has painstakingly fixed it up to be a charming retreat of modern-meets-classic style. Watching her fix up each space — which includes big projects like installing a fireplace and deck alongside smaller ones like paint jobs and furniture overhauls — also gives a glimpse of her life, and it almost feels like you’re rooting for a friend to succeed.

A DIYer Who Isn’t Afraid to Think Outside the Box

Lauren of @pinchplateparty has a green kitchen that’s unlike the many, many other green kitchens we’ve seen recently. The black soapstone countertops, olive green cabinets, and gold hardware — not to mention, the floral print on the drawers — make for a one-of-a-kind space, and that’s exactly what she’s after as she guides her followers through projects that help them discover their unique tastes. From how to add upper cabinets and remove carpet to creating comfortable seating and a fun kids’ room, Lauren embraces individuality.

A DIYer Who’s Filling Her Family Home with a Mix of Pattern and Color

Mixing color and pattern is an art, particularly in a home that’s being fixed up for a family. But that’s exactly what makes Kate Boling of @onedelightfulhome so appealing. Not only does her mid-century Virginia address fit that namesake, but it’s also filled with DIYs that instantly put a smile on your face. Take a look at the pink piano against an emerald green wall or the doggy wallpaper behind the swing chair, and you’ll see what we mean.

A Midwesterner with an Apartment That Looks Like the Ideal Place to Spend a Sunday

Wes at @wesleyjtaylor isn’t always whipping out power tools, but you know what Wes has that every home needs? Vibes. He turned his apartment into a ‘70s maximalist dream, thanks to rich tones, cool textures, and plenty of plants. Turn to him when you’re looking to exhale and enjoy the view, while also getting some ideas on how to be the place where everyone wants to come and hang.

A North Londoner Who Combines History with Of-the-Moment Trends

As Sharn Rayment of @sharnshouse gives her all into remodeling a North London Victorian house with bold patterns, bright paints, and where-did-you-get-that furnishings, she’s also showcasing the details that often get lost in the process — and it makes for enlightening, and often funny, tidbits. For instance, in a recent post she shows the large size of historic nails, door frames covered in layers of old paint, and plaster mixed with horse hair… yes, horse hair. These revelations make the hard work behind her finished projects seem even more impressive.

@diydalia Making my own designer furniture. Faux marble table anyone? #fyp #diy #furnitureflip ♬ how would they know bad girls club – Chris Gleason

A Canadian DIYer Who’s Creating a Bohemian Oasis Full of Budget-Friendly Ideas

For those who love a fresh, bohemian style on a budget, Dalia of @diydalia shares a range of makeover projects that cleverly transform items to fit that aesthetic. From a $40 IKEA cabinet hack that uses burlap to set the piece apart, to a dollar store placemat that becomes a colorful tapestry, to a ceiling that’s given character with faux wood beams, Dalia has ideas for every room of a home and for every skill set. Once you watch her at work, you can’t help but wonder how you can also follow her lead in seeing the potential in unlikely objects.

@dwellaware 2021 DIY Projects in Review 🎉 1. Dining Accent Wall 2. Budget Bedroom Makeover 3. Archway 4. Stair Nook Mural 5. Flooring Install #yearinreview #diyfyp #dwellaware #viraldiy #homeimprovement ♬ TO THE MOON – Jnr Choi

A Dallas DIYer Who Has Her Eye on the Details

As Amanda Walker of @dwellaware fixes up her Dallas home for her family of four, it’s easy to notice one common theme: Details pull it all together. Whether it’s the earth tone palette that makes a wall mural cool-yet-cozy, stripes on a bedspread that match the bricks on the accent wall, or a terracotta colored accent wall that bounces light off the wood floors, everything in her home seems to work together to show off how going bold requires some subtle coordination. Take note of Amanda’s projects, and you could keep these tricks up your sleeve, too. Even more inspiring? She’s self-taught, and picked up most of her skills in the past couple of years.

@yazidrizkiramadhan Small #kitchenmakeover perubahan suasana dapur akhir tahun kamaren 🏠✨ #fyp #diydecor ♬ Favorite Girl Cover – EJaaaaaaa

An Indonesia-Based DIYer Whose Feed is Downright Cinematic

If you’re looking for small space inspiration that’s packed to the brim with style, Yaz of @yazidrizkiramadhan is the one to follow. The 22-year-old is completely unafraid to take on DIY projects to upgrade his Indonesian apartment, taking on everything from building a tiled coffee table to giving his one-wall kitchen a sophisticated facelift. Not only is his apartment gorgeous, with a warm minimalist vibe that’s at once both clean and welcoming, but his videos are positively cinematic. Zooms, pans, time lapses, aerial shots, stop motion… Yaz is doing it all, so his content is just as much fun to watch as it is inspiring.

@collcoll18 Have been debating about quitting my corporate job to pursue my passions and today I finally pulled the plug! #quitcorporate #freelance #interiordesign #eclectic #apartmenttok #design #apartmentdecor #photography #entrepreneur ♬ original sound – Em Beihold

A DIYer Whose Denver Apartment is Full of Art, Plants, and Inspiration

There’s a long list of things to love about Colleen O’Toole’s Denver apartment over at @collcoll18. It has beautiful stained glass windows and a robust collection of plants, plus a clever combination of colorful artwork and linens that play off accessories scattered throughout her space. In other words, it looks like a dream home for homebodies and entertainers alike. Her work on it has motivated her to delve into interior design work professionally, so this may just be the beginning of her craft.