My Dog Loves to Roll in the Grass, and This Is My Go-To Hack to Keep Him Smelling Fresh

published Aug 27, 2022
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As much as I love to pamper my dog Leo with a trip to the groomer, more often than not, he gets his baths at home. As a mixed breed pooch with a short coat of fur that sheds constantly, he’s pretty low maintenance. However, regardless of the effort required, dog baths are so infrequent that they can sometimes feel like an inconvenience simply because they aren’t a typical part of your routine. Even so, it’s important to keep your pets clean to protect their health and well-being. Also, to preserve your peace of mind. While my dog doesn’t necessarily care how bad he smells, it’s certainly a disruption to my day that has to be handled as quickly and painlessly as possible. So, when I find myself caught in a sudden situation where a bath for my dog is unavoidable but ill-timed, I reach for the In-Between Bath Bundle from Rowan as a convenient and efficacious solution.

The In-Between-Bath Bundle comes with Rowan’s Dry Shampoo and The Coat Refresh that can be used separately or together. Each is effective on its own, but when used as a duo, they’re a powerhouse. What finally solidified Rowan as my go-to for between-bath cleanings for my dog was seeing both in action. Since Leo is cooped up inside most of the day while I work, I typically let him bask in the sunshine as long as time allows. When it’s sunny and warm outside, he likes to roll around in a soft patch of grass near our building, and usually, it’s nothing to cause alarm. However, there was one day when we came back inside and a strong odor came along with him. At first, I thought it was the trash can, but it was too far away. Then, the truth came out once I leaned closer to Leo and realized the smell was coming from him. It was frustrating because he’d just gotten a bath the night before, and I didn’t want to go through the whole process again so soon — but I would if I absolutely had to. Before going the full bath route, I whipped out Rowan’s In-Between Bath Bundle and told myself that if this didn’t work, then an actual bath couldn’t be avoided.

I’d used the products in the bundle before, but only as general maintenance, not to handle a significant odor issue so this experience was the biggest test of the products I’d done to date. I got my supplies, sat Leo down, and sprayed The Dry Shampoo on him before brushing it through his fur. The baking soda-infused shampoo helps to neutralize the odor, but doesn’t have a strong scent itself. That’s where The Coat Refresh comes in. It acts as a contains coconut oil, which gives it a refreshing fragrance as well as adds shine back into Leo’s coat after the dry shampoo. (If you have a dog with hair that’s prone to tangling, you might even want to try Rowan’s Leave-In Conditioner.) Both the shampoo and The Coat Refresh have aloe vera to soothe skin and assist with preventing irritation. Best of all, it’s a quick and easy process from start to finish.

After using the In-Between Bath Bundle on Leo after his funk, he smelled just as clean as he would after a real bath. I couldn’t believe it! The unpleasant odor was completely dissolved, and we got on with the rest of our day without any other hiccups. Since then, I’ve been using these products whenever it’s too soon for Leo’s bath and he needs a little freshening up. Combined with the brushing to really work in products, the In-Between Bath Bundle is a total treat. Leo gets a mini spa day and I get to keep enjoying a clean-smelling home. It’s a win-win!

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