I Just Discovered This Viral Waterproof Shower Lamp and My Mind Is Blown

published Feb 27, 2024
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Pretty shower with black tile, white shower curtain pulled aside

In the winter, I am looking to add a dose of hygge to just about anything. But the shower, I fear, feels almost hygge-repellant. Even with its big bunch of fragrant eucalyptus and steamy water, it lacks a certain coziness. I never thought to add anything else, though, until I discovered the existence of a miraculously waterproof lamp that recently went viral. 

It may sound like hyperbole to say so, but my jaw did in fact drop when I first saw this Instagram video from creator McKenna Barry, which shows a waterproof speaker and glowing lamp sitting atop a clear plastic corner shelf in their shower corner. “It makes for the coziest showers. 10 out of 10 recommend,” Barry voices over the video. 

After finding that the lamp goes for just under $30 on Amazon ($59.99 for a set of two, or $35 for one), I quickly added it to my cart. Unsurprisingly, many commenters felt similarly influenced. “You even found a way to avoid using the big light in the bathroom 🙌 bless,” an Instagram comment reads. 

“The amount of times I’ve showered in the dark with a ton of candles bc the overhead light is overstimulating💀,” says one commenter on a TikTok about the lamp by the same creator.

Another commenter notes the headache-helping effects of limited lighting, saying, “Wait this is genius for when I have migraines!!!”

“I can’t believe I’m 43 years old and coziness is my reason for living and I’ve never thought of this. THANK YOU,” says another. 

Because I was curious about exactly how this cozy shower nook works, I dug deeper into Barry’s feed, and luckily, she breaks down the most popular FAQs in this video. Probably the most pressing question is the following: Can you really put this thing in the shower?

“Both the lamp and the speaker are totally waterproof,” Barry says. Made of plastic and designed for indoor or outdoor use, the lamp can just as easily survive on a rainy patio as it can perched on a shower shelf. “The enclosed lamp shade design makes the table lamp IP 54, so you can rest assured to put it in your garden, patio, balcony, porch, deck and other outdoor places without worrying about the rain,” the Amazon product information specifies. 

And because it’s rechargeable and battery-operated, you don’t have to worry about making sure it soaks up enough sun (like some solar-powered outdoor options) or stress about the notoriously fatal effects of water and electricity (!). Simply push the on button, dim it to the desired glow, and soak in the glory of your cozy shower.

My waterproof lamp is still on its way, but I’m already imagining its spa-like effects. Will I feel like I’m in a face wash commercial, laughing as splash water onto my face? Will I emerge from each shower feeling more rejuvenated than ever? Time will tell, but this I know for sure: My shower routine is about to get significantly cozier.

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