The Unexpected Shower Caddy Use You’ve Never Thought of for Plants

published May 20, 2024
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Bookcases filled with plants

As a plant mom with over 30 houseplants, I’m always looking for ways to add more greenery to my apartment — but without taking up too much space. So when I came across an ingenious “plant pole” hack on TikTok, I was immediately obsessed.

User Anh Lin (@girlandtheword) recently shared a video of a plant stand hack that utilizes a shower caddy pole — the kind that resembles a shower curtain tension rod — for vertical, small-space-friendly storage. To create this setup, Lin assembled the pole and placed it in a corner of her home. She also installed puck grow lights under each shelf and a portable humidifier for climate control. These aren’t necessary, but they can help improve your houseplants’ quality of life, especially if you install this in a dark area or live in a particularly dry environment. 

This unexpected upcycle is an innovative way to display greenery in a small space or maximize an unused office, kitchen, or bathroom corner. You can find these tension rod caddies on Amazon or Walmart, and they often pop up at HomeGoods and Marshalls, too. Target also has a couple of budget-friendly options, like this all-white aluminum caddy

Just make sure you measure your floor-to-ceiling height and find a shower caddy pole that can fit snugly in place with plenty of tension. Keep it as close to the wall as possible to provide extra durability, too, so that your plants remain safely in place. 

Or, if you want to get the look without the DIY, Amazon carries a vertical planter with a tension rod and small corner shelving. It fits up to seven plants, installs easily, and is durable enough to support your greenery collection. There’s also a clothing rack attachment included, so it even doubles as a spot to dry laundry or hang clothes. 

You can also use a standard shower curtain rod to display small hanging plants horizontally in a window or doorframe. Either way, these bathroom tools help make the most of smaller areas so you can add more gorgeous greenery to your home. Plus, this hack gives you an excuse to buy more plants!