You Can Buy the “It” Plant of 2024 for Just $3 at IKEA

published Apr 10, 2024
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When you’re looking to furnish a space on the cheap, chances are your mind goes straight to IKEA. From the BILLY bookcase to the DYVLINGE anti-stress chair, the superstore is filled with iconic furniture that won’t drain your bank account. But have you been taking advantage of its plant section? 

In case you’ve been skipping this part of the marketplace, here’s your sign to reroute your cart: IKEA sells Dracaena, the 2024 “it” plant of the year, for just $2.99. You can find classic, straight stalks of Draecena (a.k.a. Lucky Bamboo) in the plant section, or opt for the curly, whimsical-looking variety, both for just under $3 — meaning you can make your own miniature Lucky Bamboo forest for $25, if you really want to. 

While IKEA doesn’t offer home delivery for live plants, you can schedule a pickup or make a detour to the plant section the next time you’re shopping for some new home decor.

Per Easyplant’s 2024 Plant Trends Report, where it dubs Dracaena the plant of the year, “This resilient plant thrives in spaces with direct sunlight to indirect low light, making it the perfect plant to elevate any space. Its deep-green, angular leaves add texture, something we’ll see more of when it comes to home design in 2024 and beyond.” 

If you’re new to the idea of buying your greenery from the Swedish superstore, there may be a lot you don’t know about IKEA’s plant section. For instance, they source new plants four times throughout the year, so there’s always a reason to check back in. 

And, if you’ve filled up your big blue bag with houseplants but don’t have nearly enough planters at home, IKEA has dozens of budget-friendly options. Check out the new DAKSJUS plant collection for a variety of affordable pots, like this cute and colorful set of four planters for $12.