15 Sites to Look for a Job That Aren’t LinkedIn

updated Dec 7, 2023
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LinkedIn can be an excellent resource for so many things: Getting yourself and your talents out there, connecting with colleagues, networking with people you admire in your field, learning about different industries, and browsing viral posts about work culture are just a few ways to take advantage of the career platform. Over the years LinkedIn has become one of the most popular job listing sites, alongside its networking perks, with a plethora of positions posted hourly for everything from full-time positions and contract gigs, to freelance writing jobs and VIP-level positions.

However, it’s not the only job resource available — especially if your skills exist outside its more corporate vibe. There are many more options for job searching outside of LinkedIn and the old guard of Glassdoor, Google, and Indeed that could be better suited to your search. Whether you’re casually browsing or looking to make big moves ASAP, if you want to know the best place to look for jobs, add these sites to your job-seeking routine.

1. We Work Remotely

Prefer to work from home, a swanky hotel, your parents’ place and the like? We Work Remotely is a resource for those who prefer to WFH and can be connected anywhere and everywhere. This has definitely become a more popular option due to the pandemic, with more employers opting to make positions fully remote to find the right candidate. We Work Remotely offers a variety of job listings, but most commonly roles in programming, consumer support, product, and design.

2. Otta 

Jump into the ever-changing startup world with Otta, a job site for new and emerging companies. To get started, you take a survey telling them your job preferences, from culture to location. They’ll share jobs across marketing, software engineering, product, and data, among others, at companies that may appeal to you.

3. BuiltIn

BuiltIn specializes in tech jobs — they’ve got listings for everything from AI and fintech, to gaming and data analytics. You can search jobs by company, size, perks, and location to find a good fit for your skill set and career goals in the tech sphere.

4. College Alumni Associations 

Chances are your alma mater is hitting you up for cash. Hit them up for job leads instead! Many alumni associations offer job listings or host networking events, so if you’re looking to get connected, consider giving your school’s career resources the ol’ college try. (Sorry.)

5. Idealist

If you’re looking for work in the nonprofit sector, Idealist may be a great starting point for you. They share job postings from local nonprofits near you, remote jobs, internships, and even volunteer work if you’re looking to get involved that way.

6. Craigslist

Don’t forget about the grandfather of all posting sites! Craigslist can be an excellent resource for temp work, contract jobs, or food service and hospitality jobs. Just make sure you’re being safe while using the website — take a friend with you if you meet up with someone in person or call ahead to ensure the posting is legit. 

7. and 8. Behance and Dribble

Both Behance and Dribble are made for graphic designers, web designers, illustrators, and artists who want to get their work noticed and find new projects or positions. You can host your portfolio on either site and browse their job listings too. 

9. Facebook Groups 

You may want to consider restarting your Facebook account solely for the job connections! You can easily find groups devoted to your career sweet spot; freelance writing and design groups are popular options. Your neighborhood group or Nextdoor could also be a resource — your next great job may just come via a neighbor, or you could pick up some side cash walking dogs, house sitting, or caring for kids. 

10. WayUp

WayUp is a career site for jobseekers either in college or just out of college who are looking for opportunities in their field and need help cutting through the clutter of entry-level positions. WayUp can help you find paid internships or make your first big career moves, and connect you to companies looking for new talent. 

11. AngelList Talent

Looking for work at the next Uber or Glossier? AngelList Talent is a hotspot for tech and startups to find the brilliant minds of today and tomorrow. All you have to do is upload your profile and click to apply. They also make sure salary info is clearly stated in postings so you know what to expect from a potential job lead.

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12. Career Contessa

Career Contessa is a career website with articles that detail everything from the best networking apps to books that help introverts reach their full potential. They also have a weekly podcast focused on women and work that’s a must-listen for anyone, no matter where they are in their career. But one of the best features on their website is the Job Opportunities page. You can search through industries including advertising, education, environmental and energy, and nearly anything else under the sun, while also filtering for location and level.

13. The Muse

You’ll find job advice from professionals on The Muse, including recommendations for interview questions as well as the best companies to work for right now. They offer career coaching for those who want a more hands-on approach, but their job search function is extensive, with thousands (and sometimes tens of thousands!) of jobs in industries like design and UX, healthcare, data and analytics, and more.

14. USAJobs

If the stability of a government job sounds appealing at the moment, then look at USAJobs. This straightforward website gives you all the details, including pay grades (goodbye, mystery ranges). Plus, the government isn’t just hiring for the dry positions that might come to mind — they also hire designers, UX professionals, writers, and more.

15. Monster

Monster has been in the online job search game since what feels like forever, and it’s still a solid place to start your search. In addition to thousands of jobs, you can also find resume help, salary tools, and career advice, like how to write a cover letter or how to negotiate once you have a job offer in hand.