Smart Shopping: Are IKEA Stoves Actually a Good Deal?

published Apr 9, 2017
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You may already buy things like bookcases and sheepskin rugs from IKEA, but did you know you can buy kitchen appliances there too? If you’re not sure about making such a big budget purchase at the big blue store, we did a little research to see how IKEA’s line of ranges compares to products from other manufacturers. Here’s what we found out.

Warranties & Repair

IKEA makes their appliances in partnership with Whirlpool, and all of their ranges come with a five-year warranty (except for the LAGAN, which has only a one-year warranty). IKEA doesn’t have a dedicated service team, so if you experience a problem with your appliances, you can call their Warranty Service Line, and they’ll send someone out to fix it.

Individual Models

IKEA makes nine ranges: three electric ranges, two gas ones, two double ovens (one gas and one electic), and two slide-in ranges (one gas and one electric)., which created a list comparing all of IKEA’s range offerings to other ones on the market, concluded that, unless you really like the look of the basic ranges, there are better deals to be had. But if you’re set on a double oven or a slide-in range, the IKEA options are some of the best deals on the market.

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The LAGAN, which retails for $449, is IKEA’s most basic range. It only comes in white, and only as an electric oven, with a ceramic cooktop.

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The next step up, at $599 is the BETRODD, which comes in stainless steel and adds a self-cleaning and keep warm options. The PRAKTFULL ($649) is the gas version of the BETRODD.

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The next set of ranges, both called the BETRODD, add a convection baking option. The electric range retails for $749 and the gas version is $799.

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The double ovens are where it starts to get really interesting. They’re both called BETRODD, and the electric range sells for $999, while the gas version is $1,099. If you often find yourself wanting to bake two things at once, these are worth checking out, and some of the best-priced double ranges on the market. Their sleek, modern appearance is a plus. (They do, however, lack a convection feature.)

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A slide-in range is one without the back flange that you usually see on a typical range, where all the controls are on the front. This results in a sleek, streamlined appearance, and an uninterrupted backsplash. It also results in a higher price. IKEA’s two NUTID ranges ($1,099 for the electric range and $1,199 for the gas version) are some of the best options, price-wise, if having a slide-in range is essential for you.


Another thing to keep in mind when looking at IKEA appliances is that the prices don’t include shipping. If you are able to pick up your oven from a local IKEA, you won’t pay any shipping charges, but if you need delivery the prices start at $99, and go up from there depending on how far you are from a store. Stores like the Home Depot, Lowes, and others will often ship appliances for free, so that’s worth factoring in when you compare prices. Of course, if you’re already ordering (and paying delivery fees) for a kitchen from IKEA, this is less of an issue.

Final Takeaways

The big takeaway here is that for the basic ranges, the chief reason to buy an IKEA range is for their sleek, modern style (and the five-year warranty). But when it comes to the double range and the slide-in range, IKEA really is one of the best deals on the market.

Here’s a little more reading you can do about individual models:

Do you have an IKEA range? What’s your experience?