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Amazon Prime Day 2021
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The $800 Mistake I Made Buying My New DryerOrganize & Clean
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Here’s What to Know About the Differences Between Convection and Radiant Space HeatersHome Projects
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Dec 23, 2020
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5 Things in the Kitchen (and Laundry Room) You Need to Clean More OftenOrganize & Clean
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Easy Dryer Repairs That Will Save You the Cost of a Service CallHome Projects
For some, the image of fresh, clean clothes whipping in the breeze conjures up the happy feels, but to me it just means lugging around a heavy basket of wet clothes, fiddling with clothespins, and dealing with unwieldy drying racks. No thanks. I love having a dryer and when it breaks, laundry is an unwelcome and tedious chore. Here are a few simple things I do to keep my dryer working properly, and how to troubleshoot when yours isn’t.
Mar 24, 2019
A Magnet Damaged My $2,000 FridgeHome Projects
A cautionary tale.
Mar 9, 2019
The Toaster Oven That Changed How I Feel About Toaster Ovens Is Currently on Sale on AmazonLiving
For years, I was a toaster oven denier. Who needs a miniature, worse version of something already in your kitchen? Sure, it heats up quickly, but many of those little jobs could probably be handled in a toaster, and it never seemed worth the extra counter space. Then my sister told me she wanted a toaster oven for Christmas. Mind you, I remained personally anti-toaster oven, but for the sake of my little sister, I’d do the internet research and pick out a nice one for her.
Feb 4, 2019
4 Appliance Mistakes Experts Say Will Make Your Home Harder to SellReal Estate
Unless you’re planning on staying in your house forever, chances are good that, when planning home improvements, you have at least one eye on resale value. Today we’re tackling a tricky subject: can new appliances increase the value of your home? As most appliances don’t come cheap, is it worth the expensive upgrade? Turns out, the answer is: it depends. For the most part, expecting a significant return on appliances is a risky proposition.
Jan 1, 2019
6 Ways to Save on Your Heating Bill This WinterReal Estate
Whether you have an economical heat pump or a decades-old oil burner, you’re probably looking for a way to cut your heating costs this winter (holiday gifts are so expensive!) The good news? It’s totally easy to keep warm (and on budget) with these expert tips: The first step to managing your energy spending is inspecting it, says Josh Prigge, founder of Sustridge, a sustainability consulting firm in Las Vegas, Nevada. For most people, that means checking your electric bill.
Dec 19, 2018
Home Depot, Costco, and Lowes Released Their Black Friday Appliance Deals EarlyHome Projects
Black Friday is still a few weeks away, but the Black Friday appliance sales are here NOW. Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Costco have already begun their Black Friday savings, giving you more time to comparison shop, save up, and get the best deals possible.
Nov 1, 2018
The Dyson Air Purifier Is 20% Off Today Only On AmazonLiving
We’ve referred to Dyson products as being the “Cadillac” of its category, but at this point, Dyson has become synonymous with industry leader, meaning we should really start calling Cadillacs the Dyson of cars. In which case, we’d have to say the Dyson of air purifiers is on sale today. But it’s a Dyson, so maybe we should just stick with the car metaphors for now.
Sep 21, 2018
The Next Best Thing to a Pricey Retro-Style Fridge Is This Under $100 ApplianceStyle
I LOVE those retro-style refrigerators that come in an array of colors and look 1,000 times better than a regular fridge. But some of the ones available on the market today are on the pricey side out of the budget of many. And also maybe you rent and don’t have the ability to replace an entire fridge?! Thankfully there’s a smaller, more affordable and more mobile appliance alternative that is still cute but something you can take with you when you move.
Jul 23, 2018
How Bad Is It To Not Clean Your Dryer Vent Once a Year?Home Projects
Many home maintenance tasks don’t need frequent attention. Left undone, most yearly or semi-yearly tasks (like washing the curtains or wiping down the walls) won’t cause anything more drastic than a bit of extra dirt or dust. Neglecting other jobs—such as changing air filters, fire alarm batteries, or appliance maintenance—can cause not just nuisances, but actual danger. So, where does cleaning your dryer vent fall?
Apr 1, 2018
Common Household Items You Didn’t Know Had Reset ButtonsHome Projects
Is there anything more gratifying than a reset button? When your cell phone is acting finicky, you reset it and suddenly the world returns to normal, right? Turns out there are a bunch of household items that have one, and knowing a problem can be fixed by pushing a button — instead of shouting and swearing, or worse, calling customer service or a repair service —might just save your sanity. Some of these will be quite familiar, but there are a few that you might not know about.
Feb 16, 2018
Well, Of Course, Ina Garten Has One of the World’s Most Beautiful OvensHome Projects
I am an absolute sucker for a fancy-looking oven. I know, I know, ovens are tools and what really matters is how well they perform, not what they look like. But I can’t help myself; I just adore a beautiful range. Give me brass knobs, bars on the doors, and a range of colors that include options like “Provence blue.” Basically, give me Ina Garten’s kitchen, complete with her brand-new French range from Lacanche.
Jan 23, 2018
Lowes Welcomes A Major Brand and Only Those Missing Sears CareHome Projects
Growing up, I remember hitting up small-town hardware stores for quick needs like electrical tape or a pack of screws. If we wanted something fancier, we would head to the local mall and peruse Sears’ bigger selection of pretty tools and yard machines. Despite my mother’s grumbling comments about the cost of lawn mower parts, the tools still all felt so glamorous under those retail lights.
Nov 4, 2017
Smart Shopping: Are IKEA Stoves Actually a Good Deal?Home Projects
You may already buy things like bookcases and sheepskin rugs from IKEA, but did you know you can buy kitchen appliances there too? If you’re not sure about making such a big budget purchase at the big blue store, we did a little research to see how IKEA’s line of ranges compares to products from other manufacturers. Here’s what we found out.
Apr 9, 2017
Here’s The Secret to Saving Money on New AppliancesHome Projects
Shopping for a new appliance can easily feel like an overwhelming whirlwind of features and rebate offers and extended warranties, bringing up crucial questions like, “Do I really need a wifi-connected fridge?” and “Why do I get a free knife set when I buy this dishwasher?” To help you navigate all of the deals and dodge the hidden fees, here are seven simple tips for saving money on appliances.
Mar 23, 2017
10 of the Best-Looking (Really!) Space HeatersStyle
Baby, it’s cold outside, and sometimes the radiator, or your home’s furnace, just can’t keep up. For chilly basements and chilly offices and everything in between, we’ve hunted down 10 space heaters that are shockingly easy on the eyes. Before you buy! It’s worth reading this info on space heater safety, so you don’t burn your house down. Pleasantly industrial, no-nonsense design at a reasonable price.
Dec 16, 2016
This Is One of The Kindest Things You Can Do For Your KitchenHome Projects
When you’ve invested a bunch of thought, time and money into your stunning space, it sucks when one thing sticks out like a sore thumb. And in kitchens, that one thing is usually the range hood. Functional and necessary, yes, but they aren’t always pretty. Enter these kitchens, which all found ways to minimize hoods so they don’t detract from the overall design. In fact, they all blend in beautifully.
Oct 21, 2016
Top 10 Hair Dryers for a Fast, Frizz-Free BlowoutStyle
People who blow dry their hair tend to fall into two camps: Those who dry their hair every now and then and want something fast and cheap, and those who dry their hair every single day and rank their dryer among their top five possessions. Our roundup of best hair dryers has both camps covered. Choose a $400 Dyson, or a $22 Revlon, either way you’re going to get a great blowout. For less than 25 bucks, this sleek Revlon model comes with all the best features of a $200 version.
Oct 14, 2016
Dramatic Kitchen Range Hoods That Completely Steal The ShowHome Projects
In many kitchens, range hoods are a necessary evil — functional for sure, but far from fantastic-looking. Take a look at these kitchens where the ventilation systems aren’t just utilitarian, but help define the entire look of the room. Each and every one is a focal point, deserving of much appreciation. Hello to this copper beauty in a home seen for sale on Per Jansson late last year. Via Scandinavian Homes. This brass hood is as much sculpture as it is a kitchen appliance.
Aug 23, 2016