10 Dorm Fridges That Are Perfect for Small Spaces

updated Jan 24, 2024
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When I was 12 years old, I got the best Christmas present ever: a dorm fridge. It was totally different than the toys that my friends were asking for, but when they would come over to play video games, they would quickly see the benefits of being able to grab soda after soda without ever having to leave the room. In high school, the mini fridge helped prevent me from procrastinating by letting me stay at my desk instead of heading to the kitchen every time I wanted to replenish my drinks or grab chilled snacks.

Having multiple refrigerators is definitely a luxury. But when one of them is a dorm-sized fridge, it’s a much more affordable luxury (and a pretty smart one). A good dorm fridge will make living in a dorm a breeze or long days working from your home office more pleasant, and if you’re really tight on space, the right mini fridge can totally do the job of a full-size fridge — especially if you get one with a freezer. Check out our top picks for the best small-space-friendly dorm fridges to add more cooling convenience to your dorm room, apartment, or house.

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You'll definitely appreciate the clear glass door on this dorm fridge because it lets you see what's inside without opening it, which makes it even easier to tell at a glance when you need to restock your favorite beverages. This model has two moveable shelves that let you design the space to hold either tall or short cans and bottles, as well as an interior blue light that you can keep on or off while the door is closed.

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This simple and small dorm fridge is ENERGY STAR-certified to make it less of a drain on your electricity bill, and it boasts a compressor that can produce as little as 36 decibels of noise at its quietest — that's just barely louder than a whisper. You can use this unit in your home office or in an infant's room where it can hold formula and/or breast milk without waking the baby up with any loud noises.

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Get the retro look for cheap with this tiny Frigidaire dorm fridge that has helpful accessories such as a built-in freezer section at the top of the fridge and a bottle opener on the side. The aquamarine color will brighten up any space, and one Amazon reviewer who is a teacher wrote about how much her elementary school students love it.

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Turn your fridge into an impossible-to-miss to-do list with this Frigidaire dorm fridge that has an eraser board surface on the front. It even includes a set of markers so you can write reminders, grocery items, and other notes for yourself. Inside it has a tiny freezer section, and if you're a big sparkling water or seltzer drinker, you'll like that its door has a built-in angular can holding shelf.

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If you need a freezer with your mini fridge, your best bet is to get one such as this Costway model that has the freezer completely separate from the refrigerator — that way the food in there never gets too warm. With a crisper drawer and a wire frame for holding soda cans vertically, this dorm fridge offers a surprising amount of storage space and is a great stand-in for a regular full-size fridge.

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Frigidaire really gives you everything you want in a dorm fridge with this compact and fully accessorized option. The separate freezer section on top does a better job of keeping frozen things actually frozen than the mini freezers built into some fridges, and the bottle opener on the side means you'll never have to scrounge around in a drawer when you're ready to crack open a beer, soda, or seltzer water. You really can't find another fridge with this many functions at such a low price!

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Get a ton of food storage space at an affordable price with this Danby dorm fridge that's on the larger side. It boasts 4.4 cubic feet of storage and has four roomy shelf areas to hold enough food and drink for two people. We like that it uses its space smartly, too, by having a CanStor beverage dispensing system built into the door that comfortably holds up to eight cans at once.

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PB Teen

This retro dorm fridge is in the middle price range and offers a larger storage capacity than our tiniest retro Frigidaire find. It's available in four color options so you can choose the right one for your home's decor scheme, and it has an adjustable temperature control knob so you can make sure your beverages never get too cold (or too warm).

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was $549.99

If you need your refrigerator to blend into your space, get this dorm fridge designed to look exactly like a Marshall amplifier. It has real switches and knobs on the front to complete the illusion, and inside it has sizable storage space for lots of cans and bottles. Plus, it includes a mini freezer for any things you want to keep extra cold.

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Upgrade on both cooling power and style with this retro-inspired Smeg dorm fridge that's available in six refreshing colors. You can choose between right- and left-facing pull handles and adjust the heights of its two glass shelves to make space for all your drinks and snacks. This is the kind of chic and hardworking fridge you'll be happy to have in your home for years and years.