The One Thing Everyone Is Booking on TaskRabbit This Summer

published Jun 13, 2024
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technician inspecting/fixing a central air conditioning unit
Credit: bymuratdeniz/Getty Images

As the summer months start to heat up, figuring out how to stay cool at home is a must for surviving patio (and too-hot-for-patio) season. There’s nothing worse than having an AC unit that doesn’t cool your home effectively (or not having an AC unit at all). And as temperatures climb, particularly in cities, people who are hiring Task Rabbits are all looking for one thing: ways to stay cool at home.

According to a new report from Taskrabbit, there’s been a 36% rise year over year in the number of people looking for AC unit installations, as well as other features that’ll increase the effectiveness of cooling systems in their home or make them more efficient (and therefore cheaper to run). There was a 220% increase in the number of requests for a smart home installation, which can help bring down your AC bills, as well as installing hacks that keep that precious cold air in. Taskrabbit reports a 15% increase in the installations of exhaust fans, a 9% increase in blackout curtain installation, and an 8% increase in insulation installation.

In addition, many homeowners are trying to make their outdoor patios, backyards, and decks a cooler space by adding more greenery. There was a 12% increase in people looking for backyard improvements. Fifteen percent of folks were specifically looking for landscaping help, such as creating shade by planting trees. There was also an increase in the number of Taskrabbit requests for outdoor bars (44%), BBQ areas (17%), gazebos (15%), and pergolas (5%).

As many cities experience unusually high temperatures, weather-proofing your home for summer is becoming increasingly common. Taskrabbit found that the amount of Seattle homes that had air conditioning doubled from 21% in 2015 to 42% in 2024, due to record heat waves. Other cities like Boston; San Francisco; Los Angeles; Denver; Chicago; Washington, D.C.; Austin; Miami; and New York City have also had a significant increase in temperatures. 

If you’re trying to beat the heat this summer, here are a few other ways to stay cool at home.

  • Hang up damp curtains.
  • Trap your air conditioning’s cooling power in your main living spaces by closing the doors to rooms you’re not using.
  • Mist yourself with water or dunk your feet in cold water.
  • Use more breathable and cooling fabrics for your bedding.
  • Push a washcloth in the freezer.
  • Take frequent showers.