I Can’t Sleep Without This Go-To Weighted Comforter (I’ve Been Using It for 4+ Years!)

updated Apr 2, 2024
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If you’re anything like me, waking up can be a chore, especially if you haven’t mastered the best way to sleep. At times, I feel like I’m 16 years old all over again, requiring a forklift or the smell of something delicious wafting from the kitchen to get me out of my slumber. I blame my unyielding desire to snooze all day to my collection of oversized, ridiculously soft comforters. 

The beauty of comforters is that you don’t have to sacrifice great style. While most are a pristine white colorway that matches any type of bedding, some of my favorite comforters are also as stylish as they are cozy, doubling as perfect throw blankets for lounge chairs, the backs of sofas, and even fireplace benches for an extra toasty living room setup

For those seeking plush, fluffy goodness in the form of classic cotton, shaggy faux fur, microfiber, velvet, and more, these designs guarantee blissful sleep and optimal cuddling (some are big enough for two people!).

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was $349.00

Shopping Director Jada Wong can personally vouch for Brooklinen's weighted comforter — she's been using it for more than four years! "I'd previously slept with weighted blankets, but because they'd sit on top of my comforter, they'd just slide off in the middle of the night. Brooklinen's weighted comforter has the same deep pressure stimulation that you'd get with a weighted blanket, but in the form of a comforter so you don't need extra linens on your bed that just get kicked around."

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was $299.00

If you don't need a full-on weighted blanket, Brooklinen also has a down comforter that's perfect for hot sleepers. It's crafted with down clusters and feathers, and you can even choose between three weights: lightweight, all-season, or ultra-warm.

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Sunday Citizen

If you're selling something called the "Snug Comforter," well, it better result in the coziest sleep you'll ever have. Luckily, Sunday Citizen's comforter lives up to the hype due to its warmth, a bit of weight without being stifling, and with one tester describing it as, "the best sleep I've gotten all winter."

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If sleeping under a cloud is your idea of bliss, then you might want to consider this Saatva comforter. The material is plush and cozy, but still very breathable. According to Best List editor Britt Franklin, it's the perfect year-round comforter for all seasons, especially transitional weather.

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was $98.00

An affordable comforter that looks and feels super luxe? This down alternative comforter from Amazon is fluffy, great for all seasons, and one editor even describes the Best List winner as "wrapping yourself up in a million marshmallows." The comforter has double stitching, so all of the fill is evenly distributed.

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Bed Bath & Beyond

This shaggy comforter reimagines the polarizing '70s trend in the form of uber-comfy bedding. Offered in six colors, it’s also bound to add a textured element to a bedroom or living room that will get people, well, snoozing.

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was $84.99

For traditionalists who prefer feathers and cotton, this pleated and pinched design is equal parts cozy and timeless. It's even offered in a 120 x 98-inch “palatial king” size for anyone who deserves the royal sleep treatment (aka everyone.)

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Despite the unfortunate name, this comforter is a Best List winner for its oversized design, warmth, and weight without being too heavy. And if velvet isn’t your thing, the line offers an abundance of other textiles.