The Best Throw Blankets for Every Season and Situation

published Jan 25, 2022
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Despite the name, throw blankets are not something to just toss in your shopping cart without careful consideration. They can be pricey, sometimes even investment worthy, based on what they’re made from, how and where they’re made, and who made them. Unlike most bedding, throws come in more textures, designs, weights, and material blends than even we can keep up with. If you’re like us and care about all the little details that make a well-designed home, read on. If you’re on a fast hunt for the best throw blanket out there and hoping for a source you can just without the fuss, you’ve also come to the right place. Below, you’ll find the best throw blankets for decorating, cuddling, picnicking, and so much more.

The Best Throw Blankets

What to Consider When Buying a Throw

Material has everything to do with a blanket’s texture, quality, and appearance. Natural materials are reflections of the environments in which they’re produced. The production of synthetics, however, has come so impressively far that some can even beat their wool, cashmere, and fur counterparts in weight, feel, look, and performance. Before settling on a throw’s material, though, think about where you’d want it to go, if there’s a color or design scheme you have in mind, and what size it should be. Does a lack of storage space mean your Netflix-night blanket also has to look good? Does a surplus of space call for the added coziness of a few intentionally placed throws? We’ve broken down the biggest things to consider when shopping for a throw blanket so you get what you expect the first time and don’t overspend on replacements.


While attractive synthetic blankets do exist, they’re few and far between — and many tend to sacrifice softness or durability in order to achieve it. While this isn’t the case for all polyester, nylon, or other synthetic-blend blankets, it’s worth keeping in mind if you’re on the hunt for a throw that is cozy, worth displaying, and can stand the test of time. Blends of cotton, wool, cashmere, and even polyester or nylon have developed over the years and, somewhat surprisingly, yield some of the softest and most durable blankets we’ve ever tested.

If you’d rather opt for a throw that’s all natural, how do you know which wool is best? Is cashmere really always the softest option? We’ve broken down the different types of natural materials you’ll see on blanket labels to give you a better idea.

Wool: Sheep’s wool is usually what can be expected when a label simply reads “wool.” Its fibers are more porous than alpaca, and are filled with pockets of air rather than being hollow, yielding wool that’s thicker and usually heavier than alpaca but just as soft (if the quality is high). It’s great for cold weather or, in the case of finer knits, year-round use.

Alpaca: Alpaca hairs are hollow, unlike other wool fibers, giving them even strength throughout each strand. It yields a tighter, finer knit and a lighter weight than other wool fibers. It’s hypoallergenic, water resistant, and self-extinguishing if it catches fire. Alpaca is excellent for warmer weather but also suitable for year-round use.

Merino: Named for the pelt of the merino sheep from which it is sourced, merino wool has a unique ability to absorb and eliminate odor-causing bacteria, even more than other wools, making it a great textile option for households in warm or humid climates, prone to drafts, or with furry family members.

Cashmere: Produced from the hair of goats in Mongolia, Iran, and South American countries (to name a few), cashmere is known as a fiber that yields some of the finest and softest knits in the world and still works when blended with cotton or wool.

Pro tip: As it turns out, that “pokey” feeling often associated with wool blankets and garments is directly tied to the diameter of the hair fibers that make up the wool. The wider the diameter (or thicker the hairs), the more uncomfortable a wool will be, especially over time. Different animals produce hairs with different thicknesses, which is why certain wools create some of the coziest textiles in the world while others with nearly the same name make up the itchy wool sweaters of yesteryear.


It’s important to keep in mind that untreated natural fiber textiles like cashmere and wool will shrink, mat, or otherwise distort if not washed and dried properly. The best practice is to follow the brand’s specific instructions, but when in doubt, get your blanket dry cleaned or, in a pinch, hand wash in cold water with mild, natural detergent and air dry. Synthetics are usually machine washable, but check care instructions before purchasing to make sure your lifestyle aligns with the throw blanket’s washing needs.


There are a few material and textile certifications we mention that are worth looking out for when shopping for anything from mattresses to bedding and other textile decor like napkins and even table runners.


A throw blanket is usually 50″ x 60″ since its purpose is not as a bedding staple but more as a decorative addition to a room, even if you choose to drape it along your bed or cozy up with it from time to time. Because this is often the case, especially for those who work or learn from home, brands have been releasing longer, wider, or generally larger throws. While they still may not make the Queen-sized cut, larger throws are more ideal if wrapping up in one is as important to you as displaying it. Keep in mind where you think you may drape (and store!) your throw — even a few extra inches of blanket can end up being simply be too much for a space.


Throw blankets made from more natural materials like wool, cashmere, cotton, and hemp, among others, tend to have a higher price than those made from synthetics. As expected, cashmere blankets can cost a pretty penny, but may also be more than worth it if they’re intelligently crafted and well taken care of. Opting for a cashmere blend — perhaps with cotton or wool — can be less expensive and still provide the supple softness you’re seeking. Sometimes a little goes a long way.

What about that wool or cashmere blanket thats a few hundred dollars, even thousands? First of all, there’s a market for everything. Second, the environment in which the animals are raised and live, including the nutrition it offers, determines the strength and thickness of each natural fiber. Remember how a fiber’s diameter determines its softness? Where your wool comes from matters a lot, not only from the standpoint of environmental awareness but also because it can literally determine the feel, warmth, durability, and even design of your wool or cashmere blanket.

What We Look For in a Throw Blanket

We tested a range of throw blankets, from wool to linen and heated to weighted, judging them on the following criteria:

  • Quality: What is it made of? Where is the material produced and in what environment? Does it shed or pill?
  • Look: Is it inviting? Is it big or small? Does it drape, fold, or otherwise display well?
  • Feel: Is it soft? Is it thin or on the thicker side? Is it heavy or lightweight? Is it heated?

The Best Throw Blankets

Just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it’s the best. The Best List’s mission is to find and celebrate the best option in a given category regardless of cost, brand reputation, or anything irrelevant to quality. But when we determined the value of each throw we tested by its material, quality, look, feel, and ease of care, there was no denying that Avocado Green’s collection of Luxury Natural Throws has the best range of options to shop. There is a variety of natural and organic throws, including cashmere, organic cotton (our favorite!), and merino wool. Avocado’s variety makes finding a throw for any and every room easy — it’s as if they hand-picked the best design and color of each luxury natural material and housed them in one spot. The Luxury Organic Cotton Throw is one of — if not the — softest throw we felt across a variety of materials. It’s tightly knit without any fringe and is both elegant and cozy. It’s breathable thanks to the cotton, but it’s also got some heft, making it the ideal year-round throw blanket option. It’s made in limited quantities by artisans, sustainably produced, climate neutral, and beautifully designed using natural dyes. While the price point is steep, the value checks out.


  • Available in cashmere, merino wool, and recycled or organic cotton (organic cotton tested)
  • 50″ x 60″
  • Greenguard, GOTS, FSC, Made Safe, and Climate Neutral certified
  • Dry-clean cashmere, wool, and organic cotton only; recycled cotton is machine washable

Who It’s Best For: Environmentally conscious shoppers; those looking for one perfect throw; those who want one trustworthy source for a variety of throw types.

Good to Know: Avocado Green is a carbon negative brand, which means they voluntarily offset 100 percent of their emissions in a variety of ways (including work with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation).

When it comes to luxury throws at price points that make the term “steal” seem almost literal, Arhaus is our winner. Blended with merino wool and cashmere, the Herringbone Throw is lightweight, deliciously soft, and has a rustic elegance that makes it usable year-round. Made by American artisans on antique shuttle looms and pre-washed for immediate softness, this throw is special and not only a luxury to wrap up in but also a piece that will garner all the compliments. Beating out other competing wool or cashmere-blend throws in softness and appearance, even those made with a higher percentage of cashmere or sold at higher prices, this throw is deceptively affordable for the level of craftsmanship and quality of material involved.


  • 95% merino wool; 5% cashmere
  • 50″ x 70″
  • Dry clean only

Who It’s Best For: Those who want something luxury; those who want to spend less than $100; those who prefer USA-made products; those who want something with cashmere.

Good to Know: Arhaus offers returns 30 days after delivery with your original receipt and the throw in good condition, so you can check out the value of this winner for yourself.

Best Weighted: Bearaby Tree Napper

A modern icon, the Bearaby Tree Napper is, indeed, worth all of the hype. Yes, it’s expensive. No, it doesn’t look like a “normal” blanket, much less your average weighted blanket. But it somehow manages to be perfectly weighted without any fill (no beads here) and is probably the most eco-friendly weighted option you can buy. It’s made from silky-smooth eucalyptus fibers rather than cotton or polyester, and has been awarded a whole slew of certifications to confirm that it’s made in an environmentally and socially conscious way. The unique design means it’s the most breathable option out there. “I love a good weighted blanket,” AT commerce writer Sarah muses, “but finding one that wouldn’t overheat me was always a struggle. In the past, I opted for options with fleece covers that I found, when combined with the weight, would always result in me breaking out in a sweat and not being able to properly enjoy the benefits of the blanket. The Tree Napper is a game changer. Because of its knitted design and eucalyptus fibers, this blanket provides great air circulation and remains cool to the touch all day long. Not to mention, it looks SO much nicer draped across my couch than my previous blanket.” Great aesthetics and functionality: our favorite combo.


  • 100% sustainable TENCEL lyocell
  • Available in 1 size, 3 weights, and 7 colors
  • FSC, OEKO-TEX Standard 100, and Fair Trade certified
  • Machine washable
  • 30-day warranty

Who It’s Best For: Those who want something cool; those who want no fillers; those who want something eco-friendly; those who want something stylish.

Good to Know: You can also buy it at West Elm (in exclusive colors!).

The Bedsure Faux Fur Heated Throw looks (and feels) like a luxe, purely decorative faux fur throw but it’s got the secret added benefit of electricity-powered internal heating. We say secret because not only can you barely detect any internal cords — the blanket is totally comfy even without any heat activation — but also the cord is detachable from the blanket, so it’s easy to store and display. When it’s plugged in, it has four heat levels and four time settings, which range from 2 to 10 hours. While you can layer it as bedding for extra warmth all night long, the highest heat setting is so toasty that even I, the team tester who is always cold and turns on the heat in the summer, can’t handle it for too long. An electric throw that has safety features, is as flexible as a regular blanket, and has impressively high time and heat settings is a find. Add in the fact that it looks and feels nicer than some of our more expensive contenders in the faux fur category, and (ding, ding, ding) we’ve got a Best List winner.


  • 100% polyester
  • 50″ x 60″
  • Machine washable (after detaching power cord)

Who It’s Best For: Those who get really cold; those who want something fluffy or furry.

Good to Know: This throw has a near-perfect rating on Amazon and over 600 positive reviews, so we’re not the only ones impressed.

Since Boll & Branch is one of our (and AT contributor Ivy’s) favorite bedding brands, we had high expectations. As we’d hoped, it didn’t let us down, and the Cable Knit Throw came out on top as our best throw for all seasons. “I absolutely love this throw,” Ivy says. “It’s incredibly stylish and looks gorgeous on my couch or at the foot of the bed. The cable-knit design is very appealing, especially in winter, but I think it works for year-round use. It’s 100 percent cotton and washes well. It definitely looks thicker than it is, but has a nice medium weight feel.” She calls it “super soft and very cozy,” which is impressive, considering that her priority with throw blankets is the “cozy factor,” since she (like me) is “ALWAYS cold” and needs a “throw blanket that’s soft, snug, and looks great draped on the couch.” Bingo! Ivy also says that while “$128 dollars is a splurge, this throw will get great mileage.”


  • 100% organic cotton
  • 50″ x 70″
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100, GOTS, and Fair Trade certified
  • Machine washable

Who It’s Best For: Those who want something easy for year-round use and decor; those with classic or farmhouse decor (especially); those who prefer organic textiles.

Good to Know: Boll & Branch is offering free shipping, free returns, and a 30-day risk-free trial. That’s how certain they (and we) are that you’ll love it.

*Honorable Mention: The Lima Alpaca Throw by Kassatex is a close runner up for its featherweight, loosely knit, alpaca wool construction. It’s impossibly soft, quite delicate, and works for every season since it’s cozy for winter and breathable for warmer weather.

The last thing you want in warmer months is a throw blanket that retains heat, so something bright, airy, and still decorative like the Two-Tone Organic Cotton Textured Throw from Under the Canopy is the move. We love this one in particular for it’s double-sided versatility. “I think it’s the perfect lightweight throw for people who run hot, and to have out on your sofa or bed during warm months,” says Ivy. “It’s 100 percent organic cotton, GOTS certified, and OEKO-TEX certified” — all of which we love to see — “and is SO airy and soft. It seriously feels like a cloud. It’s also very chic, with a little fringe weave on the edge and each side is a light neutral tone. Stylish and easy-breezy for your bed or sofa — oh, and super affordable (this brand has sales ALL the time). I’m not curling up with it in winter, but love it during spring and summer.”


  • 100% organic cotton
  • 50″ x 60″
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and GOTS certified
  • Machine washable

Who It’s Best For: Those who want something lightweight; those who like to change up their decor; those who want something textured; those who live in warmer climates.

Good to Know: If you hold onto the original tags and the throw is in like-new condition, you can return it after 60 days of experiencing it yourself.

*Honorable Mention: The Cozy Earth Cloud Knit Throw, which comes in a carrying tote, is cool to the touch thanks to its viscose bamboo material and so incredibly soft that it makes AT assistant shopping editor Britt “excited for sunny days and warm weather.”

This blanket belongs in the log cabin of our dreams (much like so much else from Overland). The Vista Stripe Alpaca Wool-Blend Throw is gorgeous, cozy, and fairly priced considering the brand’s impressive wool and fur quality standards, which you can both feel and see with this throw. We love the size, too — it’s longer than your average throw, but the fine knit allows it to fold neatly and drape beautifully while still being big enough to lounge under. Of course, it’s deliciously soft to boot. It’s a blend of wool, alpaca, and nylon, which at first we were somewhat skeptical of but now completely understand to be just right when it comes to making a warm yet lightweight wool throw. So inviting, durable, and pill-free. For warmth and decor come winter time, this Overland throw is our winner.


  • 50% alpaca; 35% wool; 15% nylon
  • 59″ x 80″
  • Dry clean only

Who It’s Best For: Those who want something with a multi-color design; those who want alpaca wool that’s not too delicate; those who want something decorative but also warm and cozy.

Good to Know: If you place your order on the earlier side, usually before 1pm EST, your throw has the potential to be shipped out that day.

Best for Pet Owners: Casper Pinstripe Plaid Throw

The Casper Pinstripe Plaid Throw is one we’d totally give as a gift because it’s from one of our favorite bedding brands (read about the Casper pillow I fell in love with), and because it’s durable and actually usable. Trust us — we tested in households with pets, and this one withstood the abuse of one rather destructive cat, in particular. We tried the Chocolate colorway, which is divine and so inviting from both up close and afar, but each of the three neutral designs (there’s also Oatmilk and Marshmallow) add sophistication to any living space. The fringe is thin and simple, which we love — no fussy, stringy ends. Like any dream blanket, it’s instantly warming when draped around you but doesn’t overheat no matter how long movie night lasts. I’ve comfortably stayed wrapped in this throw for hours (upon hours, admittedly). For me, it does it all — it’s cozy, breathable, and beautiful. I’d prefer it to be bigger or for there to be size options, but maybe that’s because I’d just want more of it. My cat also adores it and after months of him pawing at and laying on it, it looks good as new. Love that durability!


  • 100% wool
  • 50″ x 70″
  • Dry clean only
  • 1-year limited warranty

Who It’s Best For: Those with pets; those with kids; those who want a nice throw that isn’t too delicate; those who want a throw with a print or design.

Good to Know: This one is final sale while it’s on sale, so no trials or returns (but we’re not too worried that you’d want to, anyway).

Best Indoor/Outdoor: Blaanks The Big Blanket

When it comes to throws that work indoors and out, we love The Big Blanket from Blaanks. Machine washable, attractive, and thin enough to toss on the sofa while also being large enough for an intimate picnic, it’s our winner. “I’m a sucker for a knit throw,” says AT contributor Stella. “I have never been one to love a plush or uber-soft blanket (for some reason they always feel dirty to me). What I love about this one in particular, besides its vibrant pattern, is its weight. It’s cotton, so it’s easy to throw in the washing machine without a hassle, but it still has a weight to it and warmth.” Its manageable care needs make it one of our most effortless throw options, and while our previous winner is perfect for indoor use with pets, this one serves the whole family (furry members included) inside and outdoors. “I would gift this,” Stella says, “then steal it back from the giftee…in other words, I want every pattern and color. It’s the blanket I use every night on my couch.”


  • 100% cotton
  • 60″ x 80″
  • Machine washable

Who It’s Best For: Those who want a throw they can get dirty and wash easily; those who want a larger blanket-like throw; those who want something for indoor and outdoor use.

Good to Know: Blaanks is an LA-based brand and their range of cozy and indoor/outdoor throws are made in the USA. They also offer free shipping.

Best Faux Fur: APPARIS Brady Blanket

As the first blanket I wrote a love letter to, I’m personally thrilled to announce (again) that the APPARIS Brady Blanket “completely rocked my world.” When it comes to indisputable, unadulterated softness, APPARIS blankets are it for me. The Brady blanket is the perfect size for a decorative throw, but it’s also big enough to wrap up in, which is lucky considering how impossible that is to resist doing when it’s near. It’s the brand’s patented Pluche material that creates an unparalleled uniform look and faux rabbit-fur feel. Astoundingly, it’s made from 100 percent polyester, but this also means that it’s totally cruelty free and seriously easy to clean. The Brady and other APPARIS blankets are quite thick since they’re high piled, seamless, and double sided, but sleeping through the night without overheating with one layered over your bed is no issue — another benefit of the Pluche material. If you’re on the hunt for the softest, fluffiest, cuddliest throw there is, this one’s for you.


  • 100% Pluche polyester
  • 60″ x 50″
  • Dry clean only

Who It’s Best For: Those who love fluffiness; those who want a seamless throw; those who love vibrant colors; those who want a throw they can cuddle with.

Good to Know: Because of the thickness and vibrancy of APPARIS blankets, they’re dry clean only, but spot cleaning takes little effort and stains slide right off the threads. More points for Pluche.

Organic cotton, since it’s not chemically treated, has to be of seriously high quality in order to be as luxuriously soft as treated cotton, and Coyuchi achieves this and more with its Mariposa Supersoft Cotton Throw. “I LOVED this blanket,” commerce editor Sarah says. “Not only is it lightweight and warm, it’s also luxuriously soft and super stylish — I can easily drape it over either the foot of my bed and my sofa and it looks great. While it’s definitely pricier than my usual synthetic fleece go-to, you can truly feel the quality with this blanket. I know it’s going to last for years and years to come.” Which is especially impressive, since it’s machine washable (and Coyuchi recommends an equally organic, plant-based detergent to keep up the good work). “Also knowing it was responsibly made is just an added bonus.” We agree, Sarah — bonuses all around.


  • 100% organic cotton
  • 50″ x 70″
  • GOTS certified
  • Machine washable

Who It’s Best For: Those who want something from an environmentally and socially conscious brand; those who prefer a print or design; those who prefer organic materials.

Good to Know: This throw’s organic cotton is grown in Turkey while the blanket itself is crafted in Germany. Also, Coyuchi offers a 30-day trial period with risk-free returns.