This Attachment Allows You to Multitask While Riding Your Exercise Bike

published Feb 19, 2021
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Peloton bike
Credit: Peloton

Whether you’re a recent home fitness convert thanks to the pandemic or you’ve been sweating it out on your Peloton for years now, you know that exercise bikes provide a studio-level sweat session without even leaving the comfort of home.

But if you’re looking for ways to stay connected while you ride (since sometimes school and work leave little time to truly disconnect and stay active), these attachments allow you to read, work, and even sip some wine during your workout, and you might just wonder how you lived without them.

Fitness gear brand Top Form Design launched The Spintray ($35.00 – $54.99), a sleek acrylic tray fits on your handlebars and will support a laptop, phone, tablet, book or anything else you may need to multitask while you’re clipped in. Available in clear, white, or dark acrylic for the Peloton bike, or clear for Echelon models EX5 and EX5S and Sunny Health model SF-B1805, this trusty tool includes a ledge so your stuff will remain safe without sliding, and a silicone cup holder for your beverage of choice.

For a mid-ride happy hour with your pals on the leaderboard, The Spintray SipNSpin ($59) includes a keyhole notch to hold a stemmed or stemless wine glass. The brand also has The Sidewinder ($49.99 – $59.99), an extended acrylic tray designed to accommodate a mouse and mousepad right alongside your laptop, for those days when you truly need to get down to business and sneak in a cycling session mid-day.

If you’ve got a Peloton Tread, the brand’s flagship treadmill, fear not: Top Form Design even has The Steptray ($99.00 – $139.00), a tray designed to fit securely over the handlebars of your treadmill, with a laptop stand to provide additional height so you’re not hunched over or uncomfortable.

There’s no shortage of options to make it easier than ever to get your cardio in without missing a beat in your day.