This Is the Most Compact Laundry Detergent Ever (It Barely Takes Up Any Space)

published Jan 16, 2024
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Credit: Minette Hand

Apartment living usually means finding clever and useful ways to maximize your compact space. Without a storage closet, I am forced to come up with other storage solutions for just about everything in my apartment — especially the laundry area that I keep as minimal as possible. My stacked washer and dryer are practically pressed against my fridge, leaving a narrow space big enough for just a broom, a couple of cleaning rags, and some microfiber towels. 

Because I have no other place to store a tub of detergent pods or a larger bottle of liquid detergent, I use a small caddy that fits two slim bottles (one for detergent and one for a stain remover), laundry soap, and a plastic-free container I reuse to store scent boosters. Because I was still struggling to keep this tiny space free of clutter, I decided to search for an even slimmer storage solution, but what I found instead was the most compact laundry detergent I never knew existed: Spot laundry detergent sheets.

You’re likely familiar with dryer sheets, but detergent sheets are a seemingly obvious yet hard-to-find product. Spot Laundry Detergent Sheets are literally paper thin, but each sheet has the equivalent cleaning power to a detergent pod without the plastic or harsh chemicals and dyes. 

When I first stumbled upon these detergent sheets, I was shocked at how slim the package looked and was more preoccupied with how well it would fit in my tiny laundry storage area and less on whether or not they worked. Turns out, I got the best of both worlds! The package hardly took up any space in my caddy, and each sheet worked just as well as a conventional detergent pod.

Credit: L. Daniela Alvarez

I first used a half sheet, per the instructions, for a medium load of towels to see how well it worked. The towels came out clean with no overwhelming fragrance that many detergents can leave behind. I then used two sheets for my next load, which included my dog’s bed, blanket, and some toys. I was pleasantly surprised with how well the sheets performed on my dog’s stinky items, but above all I was pleased that I didn’t even have to think about storage space when putting these sheets away. 

Compared to a container of 57 pods (or loads) that can cost around $20 or more, a pack of Spot sheets that is enough for 60 loads costs nearly $10 less. Additionally, Spot sheets are dermatologist-tested, work on all washing machine types and with any water temperature, and, unlike conventional detergent pods, can be used in a water basin if you need to hand-wash your items. 

Credit: L. Daniela Alvarez

Best of all, the slim packaging makes these sheets a great option for traveling when you’re staying at a vacation rental and might not have access to laundry detergent. Wherever and however you decide to store them, laundry days will be a breeze knowing you didn’t have to compromise the quality of your detergent for a little extra storage space.