Stanley Tucci Will Convince You to Try This Brilliant Kitchen Organization Hack

published Jun 3, 2024
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Stanley Stucci headshot graphic.
Credit: Photo: Getty Images; Design: Apartment Therapy

Although it’s nearly impossible to peel your eyes off Stanley Tucci when he shows you how to make a new dish or cocktail to look at what’s behind him, you can certainly learn a lot about how all the magic happens when you do. In one of his most recent Instagram videos published on April 29, Tucci shared how he serves and garnishes his margaritas, but he also gave his followers a peek behind the scenes at how he styles his kitchen. 

The video, which garnered more than 70,000 likes, is where eagle-eyed fans spotted Tucci’s brilliant kitchen organization hack for keeping everything he needs within arm’s reach in order to whip up a delicious meal — and we’re not just talking about your standard pots and pans. 

Instead of using the rail to show off all of his pots and pans (similarly to how The Pioneer Woman styled her pots and pans in her kitchen), it looks like Tucci uses the hooks behind his cooktop to store his kitchen shears, tea strainer, measuring cups, a funnel, and a few metal cooking tools — all tools you need handy when you’re about to make the cocktail of the summer.

Tucci’s utensil rail is attached to the shelf above it where he stores his mortar and pestle and ingredient cups, and it creates a minimalist-inspired space that erases clutter and keeps what he needs accessible so he can easily grab the items he reaches for again and again, especially when whipping up a drink.

And by clustering together the hooks on the shelf, it creates visual separation between tools needed for different uses. This way, you’re not reaching for a pot when what you really need is a teaspoon, or vice versa.

Make your kitchen work better for you à la Stanley Tucci and you may just feel a bit sexier next time you’re batching together a few must-try margaritas.