8 Summer Habits to Carry into the Fall Season (and Beyond!)

published Sep 6, 2021
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Some folks cling to the last days of summer, and others are more than happy to welcome a change as the weather grows colder. Yet no matter which camp you’re in, there’s no doubt that summer affords many opportunities that other times of the year simply can’t compete with.

If you love summer, the act of trading poolside lounging for hayrides and your frozen margarita for mulled cider may leave you counting down the days until next Memorial Day. But, as temperatures shift and schedules get set, don’t worry: You can let the season stay, at least in your mindset. Instead of saying goodbye to summer, embrace the relaxed mentality throughout autumn. Here are eight summer habits to carry out through the fall season.

Get outside.

Fall trips to the beach may not be feasible depending on where you live, but just because temperatures are dropping doesn’t mean you can’t spend time outside. Sit on the porch, enjoy the sunset, or picnic at a nearby park. You may be surprised at how your local landscape shifts as leaves change color and critters start to become less active. Heading out in a different season may give you a new appreciation for what’s right outside in your neighborhood.

Host a (safe!) casual get-together.

Summer lends itself to impromptu cookouts and last-minute invitations to come over for a cocktail. Don’t let that feeling subside just because your schedule has become more regimented. Autumn brings plenty of beautiful warm days, and if it’s cold, take the chill off by starting a bonfire or lighting a chiminea. Continue and deepen relationships with your friends and neighbors by getting together casually — even if you just order pizza! It will be an excellent respite for you and your guests. Just be sure to keep social distancing guidelines in mind.

Continue to explore.

Whether you enjoyed a last-minute staycation or a full-fledged trip overseas, the feeling of freedom while traveling encourages folks to explore. From scouring museums to spending hours looking for unique shells on the beach, summer vacations encourage folks to delve deeper into an area. 

This fall, head to a nearby historic site you’ve meant to visit or budget an hour to peruse your local art gallery. If you love the outdoors, go to a vantage point with a gorgeous view or keep track of the changes as the leaves start to turn.

Move around.

Summer involves moving around, whether going through an air-conditioned museum, visiting botanical gardens, or screaming your way through amusement park rides. It will do your mind and body good to continue to add movement throughout your day as fall begins to keep the momentum going. Take a daily morning walk, or build time into your fall schedule for an indoor swimming class.

Be open to new friendships. 

Children make friends on the playground. Adults interact with strangers while relaxing poolside. Continue to look for ways to converse with others, be friendly, and find common ground while keeping a safe distance. You may not find a lifelong friend, but you will enrich both their day and yours at that moment, even if that involves masking up.

Try new things.

Part of the fun of vacationing is trying new things, and summertime encourages a “let’s do this” attitude, even if it’s at the encouragement of others. Be open to trying new cuisine, reading a different genre of book, or taking a class to learn a new skill. You may discover a new hobby or favorite dessert along the way. 

Have fun with your food.

Summer is bursting with fresh produce and cold treats like iced coffee and frozen yogurt. Although watermelon and berries aren’t in season and are a bit pricier in colder months, treating yourself once in a while is worth the splurge. There is no reason ice cream can’t suffice when it’s chilly outside, and you can certainly order that beloved iced latte all year long. Another way to view fall is to embrace what the season has to offer. Let the in-season mindset continue by incorporating autumn produce into your meals, or go ahead and treat yourself to a mulled cider to savor fall’s flavors.

Take time to relax.

Whether your ultimate respite is walking on the beach or sitting in an Adirondack chair by a mountain lake, summer is for relaxing. Even cooking out with a cold beverage in hand can be a soothing activity. Whether you’re gearing up for football season, making pumpkin bread, or scheduling your trip to the corn maze, you deserve a break, so carry that sense of summertime relaxation as the months pass. Likewise, your need for rest, relaxation, and a mental break is essential no matter the season. So take a minute to concentrate on your breathing or schedule a quick getaway. Either way, prioritize yourself and your mental health all year long.