The $9 Amazon Gadget Every Candle Lover Should Own

published Jan 23, 2024
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Little home luxuries that don’t break the bank but upgrade your space are what I’m all about. It makes you feel fancy without the hefty price tag, and who doesn’t want that? Anything that falls into this category — whether it’s a unique candle warmer lamp or an electric picture light — I’m captivated by it. So, when I saw electric lighters taking over my socials at a price point that’s incredibly affordable, I thought, why not give one a whirl? And after trying one out, I can confidentially say it’s one of my favorite purchases.

The reason? There’s something oddly satisfying about hitting a button and watching the magic happen instead of dealing with matches or safety switches. It uses a Type C charger to recharge, too (the same as the new iPhone 15s), so you likely already have one lying around your house. This Suprus Electric Lighter on Amazon is my top pick if you’re on the hunt for a rechargeable one for yourself — it’s so easy!

What Is the Suprus Electric Lighter?

Crafted with an automatic power-off chip and a savvy safety lock switch, this electric lighter completely redefines the lighting experience. A deliberate push on the lock, followed by the ignition switch, initiates a seamless spark (and ensures child safety). The 7-second auto-stop feature makes sure your spark is controlled, too, with the option to reignite at your discretion. Beyond its safety features, this lightweight lighter can be used for camping and beyond, as it claims to boldly face wind and splashes with ease (although I’d only use it for smaller flames like candles). The real-time battery updates, signaled by four LED lights, help you know how much power your lighter has left. And when it’s time for a recharge, simply plug it in with its USB charging cable!

Credit: Haley Lyndes

Why I Love the Suprus Electric Lighter

This little wonder of a lighter is a direct reflection of my candle obsession. When I got it, candles were the sole purpose on my mind, and boy, does it deliver on that front. Who needs those traditional fuel-powered lighters anyway? Give me a sleek, battery-powered electric current any day that’s rechargeable and forever usable. Admittedly, though, its spark might not match the gusto of traditional lighters, but for a small flame, it works wonders. Its length even reaches the wick of even my most burned-down candles! The built-in lights signaling the battery status are a huge help, too — I just plug it into one of my trusty Type C chargers when I notice it’s getting weak, and within an hour, it’s back in action.

For only $10, this rechargeable lighter will quickly become your new trusty sidekick for lighting candles around your home — let traditional lighters handle the big stuff.

Buy: Suprus Electric Lighter, $8.99 (originally $16.99)