This Under-$20 Drill-Free Towel Rack Is Perfect for Renters

published Apr 18, 2023
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I have yet to live in an apartment where the bathroom comes with enough places to hang all my towels. With every move I find myself buying an over-the-door hanging rack for my and my wife’s bath towels and installing a single hook for the hand towel. In our current apartment, the knob on the 1950s-era wall-mounted laundry hamper has also become a useful towel-hanging spot.

The problem is not that we own too many towels, but rather that our bathroom is tiny and doesn’t have room for many towel bars. If we wanted to add anymore we would have to drill into the tile wall, which isn’t an option (both because we rent and because I know I would screw it up royally). However, one clever workaround is this self-adhesive towel-holding set that I found on Amazon. It can go on tile, stone, and glass, and it’s probably the easiest (and most affordable) way to get all the towel-hanging space you want.

This set includes two single hooks and one towel bar, both in your choice of black, gold, or silver finishes. At just 16 inches wide the towel bar is more narrow than traditional towel bars, which means it easily fits in small spaces and on bathroom doors, giving you several options for where you want to place it. Everything is made of stainless steel, so it won’t rust and will always maintain its chic, minimalist appearance.

Credit: Amazon

To install either the individual hooks or the bar, just wipe down the spot where you want to hang it, peel off the item’s protective film, and press it firmly in place. Make sure you give them enough time — 24 hours — to fully adhere to the surface before hanging anything from them, or you could risk them becoming loose over time. Amazon shoppers who followed these guidelines have reported having great experiences with their towel hangers, so it’s in your best interest to follow suit. And although the manufacturer doesn’t recommend applying these hangers to painted walls, some Amazon shoppers have done that without issues. The only thing is that the product may rip off some paint if you ever remove it.

Overall, Amazon reviewers found these towel-hanging solutions to work extremely well. “I can’t believe how strong it is attached. Far exceeded my expectations,” wrote one shopper. “Love that it didn’t require drilling and putting holes in the tile.” Others echoed compliments for the hangers’ impressive strength. One reviewer who added the bar to their bathroom door wrote, “It was super easy to apply and feels very sturdy. My towel is thick and so are both of the hand towels on top of it. It is holding up great so far.”

Credit: Amazon

Pick up this self-adhesive set to make sure you always have enough places to let all your towels dry. The single hooks are also a smart addition to your kitchen, where they can hold tea towels or oversized utensils like soup ladles (since most have hanging holes at the end of their handles). And at under $20, this easy-to-install storage upgrade is a great deal — especially when you consider how much use you’ll get out of it.