People Are Buying Target’s $5 Organizer in Every Color (It Works In Every Room!)

published Apr 24, 2024
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Target Retail Store. Target Sells Home Goods, Clothing and Electronics
Credit: Jonathan Weiss / Shutterstock

A trip to Target isn’t complete without rummaging through the store’s dollar section, also known as Bullseye’s Playground. Since the exclusive products are only available in stores, every find is an unexpected surprise, and the latest addition to the section is a reason to head to Target ASAP.

A TikTok by @targetjunkie shows foldable storage bins in Bullseye’s Playground available in blue, pink, and neon green. According to the basket’s step-by-step instructions, they appear to be collapsible, so you can easily store them. 

“I love mine,” one commenter said. “It’s my catch all basket I carry around when I clean so I can put things away as I go.” Other commenters mentioned that they’ve purchased a similar basket in neutral colors at Dollar Tree for $1.25, and Five Below also sells the baskets in a different color.

These pastel baskets can essentially fit anywhere, but they’re definitely convenient in small bathrooms that don’t have enough storage. Even though each basket doesn’t hold too much, its stacking ability is handy for storing cosmetics or hygiene products, and you can use an empty corner to stack at least 3-4 baskets.

If you need extra storage in your bedroom, slide a few of these under your bed. In case there’s no space under your bed, these would be a game-changer for organizing your dresser or vanity. The best thing about these baskets is the versatility, and the cute colors are an extra win!

Since neither of these baskets are available online at Target or Dollar Tree, there’s a four-pack set on Amazon to save you from visiting more than one store. For $14, you’ll receive a yellow, blue, green, and pink basket.

Whether you place these cute storage bins in your bathroom, dresser, or bedroom, get ready to play Tetris when it’s time to organize.