People Are Buying Target’s “Cute” $6 Cups in Every Style (It’s a Summer Must-Have)

published Apr 25, 2024
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Credit: Lonnie H. Chambers Jr/Shutterstock

For months and months, it has seemed like there’s been a new tumbler going viral every day. But if you haven’t quite connected with any of the bulky, metal bottles, this Target alternative might just be for you. And that’s because the Sun Squad 20-ounce tumbler looks just like a giant strawberry.

Just imagine packing up a picnic and bringing this quirky bottle to the park — how adorable. Sure, you could fill the plastic strawberry with crushed ice and top it off with water, using it to stay hydrated while you work (to the envy of all your coworkers). Or you could mix up the mocktail of your preference and bring it outside to sip on while you soak up some sun. Maybe best of all, you could blend up a strawberry smoothie and finally see what it would feel like to stick a straw straight into a fresh strawberry. 

In case you’re worried about washing up, one five-star review of the product on the Target site says, “Such a cute cup. Easy to clean. Love it.” The tumbler comes with a plastic reusable straw of its own — so you’ll just want to make sure you have a good straw cleaner

The cups caught the eye of one Target shopper, who shared this TikTok. “Tooooo sweeet🍓,” one person commented in response. 

The cute tumbler also comes in a pineapple version, if that’s your preferred fruit. But if you’re desperate for more sweet strawberry-shaped home decor (those who know me know I’m a sucker for anything strawberry), you’re in luck. From mugs at T.J. Maxx to pillows at Target, stores have been stocking their shelves with items inspired by the summery berries. Try not to drag your feet, though — everyone knows strawberry season doesn’t last long.