The 5 Under $25 Kitchen Tools That Apartment Therapy Staffers Use Basically Every Day

published Jul 23, 2022
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Perla Farias making guacamole with daughter.
Credit: Cassidy Araiza

Of all the spaces in a home, a kitchen presents the most challenges. It expects you to need it multiple times a day — for one meal, at the very least — which means that your best bet is to figure out how to approach the tasks of prepping, cooking, and cleaning with as much ease as possible. That’s where tools come into play: big or small, countertop-friendly or deep-in-the-drawer wonders. More than anything, it feels like an even bigger win when these tools are able to crush the daily challenges of a kitchen and can be bought at a budget-friendly price. 

Apartment Therapy staffers are no strangers to kitchen conundrums, but we do like to share what tips and tricks have worked for us regularly. So, why not share this wisdom with our readers? I asked my colleagues to tell me about the under $25 kitchen tools they use basically every day, and why they’ve made such a difference in managing duties in this space. Once you read what we’ve had to say, you’ll essentially be a part of our Slack channel, with the fun of some new gadgets to try. 

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"Since I’m left-handed, a typical can opener can sometimes not work for me! So, to make things easier on myself, I recently bought this automatic can opener to get the job done quickly as I watch. All I have to do is place the grooves of the opener at the top of the can, press the button at the top, see it swivel around the edge, and then press the button again to release. I honestly don’t know why it’s taken so long for me to use one of these, and now I’ll never be without it!" — Kelly Dawson, Deputy Editor

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"I ordered this basic breadknife in 2020 during the bread-making bonanza, and now I’m not sure how I ever lived without it. It easily cuts the focaccia I bake, of course, but it’s also a game-changer for slicing up fancy breads and other treats from the farmer’s market. (I used to avoid buying them because I didn’t have the correct knife!) Even on days when I am not cutting up fresh bread, my knife is perfect for neatly halving my sandwich at lunchtime. In my humble opinion, everybody should have one of these." —Madeline Bilis, Deputy Lifestyle Director

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"My least favorite chore is doing dishes. I hate it so much! Thankfully, we have a dishwasher in our house, a luxury that I missed in my old NYC apartment, but some of our glasses and utensils bear my least favorite words: "hand-wash only." I am on a mission to replace anything like that with a dishwasher-safe version. Recently, I was able to kick my bamboo spatulas to the curb after I picked up two of these dishwasher-safe, stain-resistant silicone spoons. You can buy them straight from the manufacturer, but I actually picked them on my last trip to Trader Joe's, where they're currently selling for $9.99. These work great for our household — they're perfect for cooking and serving stir-fry dishes, scrambles, and basically any other stovetop recipe. Then, I just throw it in the dishwasher and let a robot clean it for me! Perfection. Buying an affordable and easy way to get out of my most dreaded chore is peak self-care." — Megan Baker, Home Projects Director

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"I got this $15 avocado tool as a gift, and I use it three or four times a week for salads, guac, and such. It makes scooping, slicing, and pitting avocados a breeze, and you can throw it in the dishwasher when you're done. My sister came to visit me, used it once, and then immediately ordered it — it's just that good. The fact that it has a cute smiley face on it is an extra little perk!" — Sarah Everett, Staff Writer

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"My favorite, must-have baking tool has always been a mini offset spatula, but I’ve found that it’s great to use for other stuff, too. I use it almost every day for things like flipping an omelet, spreading peanut butter on toast, cutting through cold butter, and so much more. I just love how small and versatile it is." — Stephanie Nguyen, Cleaning and Organizing Editor